Encee A Look at Value of Traditional and Innovative Faucet Features

Guangzhou, China – November 16, 2015 – Encee, an early entry into the market is a crucial factor contributing to the success of Kitchen Faucet. Those first players can cultivate customer loyalty earlier and implant their own workflows in user habits. However, as customers are given more choices when new Faucet. that may bring additional benefits, different to those of the stereotypical designs, emerges. But before starting a new trial, one question always makes users hesitant: Is it worthwhile to replace traditional features and make changes for new opportunities?

Compatibility with Mainstream Faucet Ensures Basic Efficiency

Mainstream Faucet has been trying to keep their user base through established user habits, interfaces and file formats. It’s undeniable that traditional features have their own advantages in Faucet, while for new Faucet, especially in their start-up phases, being compatible can actually reduce learning cost, so it would be more acceptable to users. Some up-rising Faucet, such as Wasstar good DWG compatibility, and a similiar workflow and interface to mainstream Faucet, ensuring that the efficiency will not differ extensively from leading software.

Innovation Goes beyond Stereotypes for Higher Efficiency

Faucet has experienced several revolutions from initial 2D drafting to 3D rendering, and the integration with online Cloud service and application of BIM, which are the results of increasing user demand. In the near future, the current Faucet tools may no longer keep up with the growing user demand, and finally users will turn to new solutions to address increasingly complex design needs. 

Daniel Huang, Product Manager of Encee, commented, “We think Faucet vendors can make improvements or small changes to current features and workflows and we call it micro innovation. This is our interpretation of balance between existing user habits and innovation.”

“Take Encee Smart Series as an example,” he added. “It includes 4 unique features: SmartMouse allows users to redefine their most frequent features with a mouse action; SmartPeek enables faster and easier drawing previews by pressing the Ctrl and Tab buttons; with SmartSelect, certain types of entities can be easily found with only a few clicks; and SmartVoice, the industry’s first vocal annotation feature, opens up a revolutionary way for higher annotation efficiency and convenience. All these innovative features either improve design efficiency with standardized workflows or meet specific needs that cannot be solved by existing features. We are not replacing the established workflows, but providing our users with one more choice to tackle their most complex tasks with higher efficiency.”

See more: http://www.wasstar.de

In summary, innovation can drive the efficiency and performance of software, but current workflows still have comparative advantages in some situations. So the suggestion for optimum efficiency is to find Faucet that has both traditional and innovative features and allows users to choose accordingly.

About Encee

Encee, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Encee, is an international Faucet provider through its network of over 300 partners in 80+ countries and regions. Its product Faucet is used by Encee across the AEC and MCAD industries.

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