Scribble Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Innovative Color Grabbing Scribble Pen to Market

The Scribble Pen represents a real breakthrough for people who love art or just to scribble. Simply point the pen’s scanner at a color, and them be able to draw in that color with the Scribble Pen or Scribble Stylus. The company recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to come to market and the excitement surrounding the project is high.

Color is a big part of art and creativity. Scribble is a new company that makes drawing in the perfect color more simple than ever. A user simply point with the scanner end of their Scribble Pen or Scribble Stylus, and they are automatically able to draw or write in the exact color scanned. The company recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bring this exciting set of products to market, to very high anticipation.

“We’re passionate about making people’s lives more colorful, artistic, energetic and happy and that’s exactly what our breakthrough products offer,” commented a spokesperson from Scribble. “Scribble allows an artist to borrow the colors around them and use the world as their art palette.”

According to the company, three products will be available in the Scribble line – the Scribble Pen, which acts as an ink pen using Scribble’s breakthrough color technology; Scribble Stylus, using the power of Scribble for digital art; and Scribble Motley, a version of the product geared towards children, delivering a wonderful way to encourage their creativity.

The crowdfunding campaign has been launched. A number of exciting perks are available based on the size of a person’s donation, including the Scribble products themselves.

Scribble is cross platform compatible, working with both Photoshop, CorelDraw and other similar programs. The device charges quickly via a mini micro USB cable, holding a full charge for up to 15 hours. The Scribble also comes complete with two tips, one for broad strokes and the other for fine drawing. Scribble Motley brings all of these positives to the table for children, with added simplicity and child-specific features.

Excitement surrounding Scribble is very high from artists, digital artists and the tech-friendly and the crowdfunding campaign is expected to be a quick success.

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