The Combination of Fun and Safety – Airwheel electric drift hoverboard M3

Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is a new transportation that can give riders the sense of happiness and safety. With Airwheel electric skateboard M3, riders can both enjoy the freedom and fun of riding skateboard, and at the same time getting prevented from dangers.

Fun can bring a happy emotion which can make people feel passionate and positive. However, if people are in a trip, being trilled is not the most important thing. They should calm down to ensure the safe riding. A good transport should perform well to combine fun and safety. Airwheel electric skateboard M3, which is funny and safe, can perfectly meet this requirement.

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It is fun and comfortable to ride Airwheel electric drift hoverboard M3. Although M3 is much slower than car, it is still very fun and exciting to ride. As it is equipped with a 2.4G remote wireless controller, riding it is just like driving cars with automatic transmission. Even new beginners can enjoy the fun of riding skateboard in a few minutes. What’s more, the small and portable feature of M3 allows riders bring it to anyplace where they want to ride it.

More importantly, it is safe to ride Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard M3. All the products of Airwheel include M3 have been strictly tested and checked before appearing to the market. Therefore, all the products of Airwheel are very reliable. Besides, the materials and parts of Airwheel electric skateboard M3 are also in high quality. The battery it uses is Sony battery, which has six levels of protection. They are over-discharge protection, over-charge protection; short-circuit protection, over-current protection, temperature protection and battery balance protection. Aside from battery, Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard M3 has improved its tires. The tirs it uses are wider than common products’, which have stronger ground holding power to negotiate varied terrains. And the most special part of M3 is that it has two shock absorbing blocks on both tires of the skateboard. They can helpfully reduce the feeling of bumpy and make the skateboard more stable.

wireless remote control skateboard M3

People can enjoy themselves to the full on condition that they are safe. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 allows people to enjoy the fun and excitement of riding and at the same time ensure their security.

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