PowerTrunk discusses their New TETRA Technology on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

MMP (USA) presents PowerTrunk on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
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Los Angeles – November 17, 2015 – PowerTrunk, a company streamlining new technologies such as LMR and TETRA, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland to air soon.

During the segment, kathy ireland interviewed CEO of PowerTrunk, Jose Martin.

Jose Martin commented on what LMR and TETRA technologies are, why we need it, and why we do not have it by stating, “LMR is Land Radio Technology and it is used by professional users. That is why it is not generally known by the public but it serves a very important purpose. In the U.S., there is Land Radio, of course, but it happens that in the rest of the world, a certain technology called TETRA has become dominant and provides service to many first-responders around the world.”

“That technology has only been available in the U.S. over the past few years. It has been introduced by our company. We have worked to make the technology compliant with the existing specifications and rules in the United States. We have also promoted the use of the technology because it brings certain benefits that were not previously available in this country. Specifically, speech quality and data communications.”

Learn more about the company on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber was quoted stating, “TETRA will open up many doors in the United States and it is a beneficial technology that will help our first-responders tremendously in the field.”

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