Man lifts 358,150 lbs in one hour, 2065 reps at Life Time Fitness, Algonquin, IL

The Most Weight Lifted in 1 Hour – 358,150 lbs 2065 Reps
Michael Garza lifts an unbelievable amount of weight to establish a new world record for the most weight lifted in one hour. The lifting video and supporting materials have been submitted to Guinness World Records for official worldwide recognition.

Algonquin, Illinois – November 17, 2015 – A local man has done what most think is impossible, successfully lift 358,150 pounds of weight during a one hour weight lifting session. Michael Garza, a Rockford, IL native, successfully attempted to create and/or break the record for most weight lifted in one hour.

“I have been lifting for 25 years but only recently started competing against myself for total weight lifted from a single one hour workout,” commented Mr. Garza. “I remember one of the first workouts I started tracking and completed around 44,000 pounds. I thought that was huge! Now, here I am with a one hour lift of 358,150 pounds,” Garza shockingly stated.

According to Guinness World Records, the closest world record for an attempt like this was completed by Eamonn Keane of Ireland. His record yielded 305,300 pounds in one hour. Mr. Keane completed this record using one exercise, the bench press, back in 2003. Mr. Garza’s weight attempt and completion was a combination of six exercises. These exercises included the shoulder shrug, squat press, calf press, tricep press, decline press and seated row.

The attempt was completed on November 1, 2015 at Life Time Fitness in Algonquin, IL. Mr. Garza works out there on a regular basis. During a one hour period Michael Garza lifted 358,150 pounds. He did this by completing 2065 reps, using six exercises. The workout was video taped and a professional trainer, Tony Lozano, was used to track and sign off on each set of reps completed.

When asked about his training, Mr. Garza says, “This type of training is not for the faint of heart. Max rep lifting can be extremely hard on the body and it’s very challenging.” He also states that, “These types of workouts can help build explosive strength for athletes as well as aid in losing and controlling weight.”

Mr. Garza has built a new website that breaks down this record breaking attempt. He has also published several YouTube videos that summarize the completed feat. He has submitted his documentation to Guinness World Records for official worldwide recognition. Complete documentation of this unbelievable attempt are available upon request.

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About Michael Garza:

Michael Garza is an avid weight lifter and workout junkie. Michael has been lifting for 25 years and holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Garza currently lifts at Life Time Fitness in Algonquin, IL and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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