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Deep Research on the growing global prevalence of Sleep Disorders such as sleep apnea and REM sleep behavior and sleep disorder triggering disorders such as hypertension are two of the most significant growth drivers of the “Global Sleep Disorder Monitoring Market”.

Sleep Disorders pertaining to sleep patterns are referred to as sleep disorders. There are four major groups of sleep disorders namely problems falling and staying asleep or insomnia, exhibition of unusual behavior during sleep or sleep-disruptive disorders, problems adhering to a normal sleep schedule or sleep rhythm problem and problems staying awake or excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep disruptive disorders are further classified into sleep tremors, sleep walking and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep behavior disorder. 

The growing global prevalence of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and REM sleep behavior and sleep disorder triggering disorders such as hypertension are two of the most significant growth drivers of the global sleep disorder monitoring market. The growing demand for home healthcare and the subsequent introduction of portable sleep monitors by key market players such as Philips Healthcare will also drive market growth. 

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According to the estimates of the WHO, a large percentage of sleep disorders remain undiagnosed (approximately 86%) owing to low patient awareness levels and negligence. Therefore, patient awareness enhancing initiatives such as the National Sleep Awareness Week and the establishment of organizations such as the National Sleep Foundation and Sleep Health Foundation is expected to increase the demand for sleep monitoring equipment. 

Some of the other drivers of this market include the growing prevalence of sleep hampering lifestyle habits such as irregular work shifts, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and increasing R&D initiatives aimed at developing advance sleep disorder monitoring equipment by organizations such as BiancaMed.The sleep disorder monitoring equipment market is segmented into three types namely type I, type II, type III and type IV sleep monitors. Type I sleep monitors operates within the oversight of a sleep technologist and utilizes channels such as EEG, EOG, ECG or heart rate, pulse oximetry, china and limb EMG, etc. to monitor sleep quality across different sleep stages. 

Type II sleep monitors operate in the purview of Home Sleep Tests (HSP) and are conventionally carried out by portable monitors. These sleep tests do not involve a sleep technologist and include seven major channels namely EEG, EOG, airflow, oxygen saturation, ECG or heart rate, respiratory effort and EMG. Type III sleep monitors also operate within the scopes of HST and include at least four channels namely two respiratory movement or airflow channels, a ECG or heart rate channel and a oxygen saturation channel. Moreover, type IV sleep monitors refer to unattended sleep tests and operates in channels which allow direct calculations of AHI (apnea–hypopnea index). 

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This research report provides comprehensive market statistics and forecast for key segments, and provides complete industry landscape including drivers, restraints, regulatory scenario, technology trends and future opportunities. The report also provides detailed competitive landscape with company market share analysis and in-depth profiles of key market participants. Key regional markets analyzed and reported in this study include:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • RoW 

Critical elements of the report include:

  • Industry dynamics
  • Market challenges and opportunities
  • Technology & regulatory trends
  • Market estimate and forecast
  • Regional trends
  • Competitive trends 

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  1. This report provides comprehensive analysis of the market including Porter’s and SWOT analysis
  2. Complete identification and analysis of key industry dynamics including drivers, restraints, raw material trends and buyer behavior
  3.  The study provides technology landscape and regulatory trends for building strategy
  4. Global and regional market estimates and forecast on volume and revenue basis for multiple market segments
  5. Detailed competitive landscape of the market, with profiles of key companies 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Executive Summary 

Chapter 2. Sleep Disorder Monitoring Market Analysis
2.1. Market Segmentation
2.2. Value Chain Analysis
2.3. Market Drivers and Restraints
2.4. Sleep Disorder Monitoring – Porter’s Analysis
2.5. Sleep Disorder Monitoring – SWOT Analysis
2.6. Sleep Disorder Monitoring – Company Market Share Analysis 

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Chapter 3. Sleep Disorder Monitoring Market Size, By Product

3.1. Type I Sleep Monitors
3.2. Type II Sleep Monitors
3.3. Type III Sleep Monitors
3.4. Type IV Sleep Monitors

Chapter 4. Sleep Disorder Monitoring Market Size, By Region
4.1. North America
4.2. Europe
4.3. Asia Pacific
4.4. RoW

Chapter 5. Key Company Profiles
5.1. Philips Healthcare
5.2. ResMed
5.3. Apria Healthcare
5.4. Aetna Inc.
5.5. Bionet
5.6. Cardiac Science Corporation

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