Tasha Webster, The New Face of Art, Predicts That Comfort Art Will Gain National Attention in 2016

Many art forms are considered outdated and expected.  Not until recently has an art form electrified the art scene as Comfort Art.  Comfort Art represents a variety of media that challenges everything that society has come to believe about expression.

There are many common art forms that will demand attention in 2016. However; according to Tasha Webster, CEO and founder of i’klectic Life, Crafts and Cosmetics, if art doesn’t include variety in today’s world, then individual art forms of may not survive.

“i’klectic Life, Crafts and Cosmetics eliminates the fear of rejection for artists who are not technically trained.  i’klectic Life, Crafts and Cosmetics was created to mobilize the authority of all art disciplines to your home or private events.   It empowers artists to delve in to the entrepreneurial aspect of being an artist and not focusing solely on the dimension of creating.   This allows artist to profit from their creativity, while educating them regarding their niche and the consumer demand for their individualized work,” says Webster.

Caesar Cruz, famed artist, once said, “Art should comfort the disturbed, and should disturb the comfortable.” This statement may have been conceived because of the non-visual language of art to convey the visual world.  Webster’s pieces of clashing colors and enigmatic symbolism embodies the foundation of Comfort Art and  parallels why Gary Cohen, noted national artist and forecaster, believes that art will grow and benefit American society in 2016. “The arts are an Industry… arts organizations are responsible businesses, employers, and consumers.  They spend money locally, generate government revenue, and are a cornerstone of tourism and economic development. Nonprofit arts organizations generate $166 billion in economic activity annually, supporting 5.7 million jobs and generating nearly $30 billion in government revenue. Investment in the arts supports jobs, generates tax revenues, and advances our creativity-based economy.” 

“Just think about what an exhibition of American and local artists mean to someone across the world yearning to express herself or himself. Artists push boundaries and show what the human spirit is capable of, forming bonds of understanding with people they may never know.” – Hilary Clinton, her position on the Arts in her 2016 presidential campaign.  With this level of recognition of the arts so prevalent for 2016, i’klectic Life, Crafts and Cosmetics are set up for success in the transformation of traditional art to Comfort Art to help struggling artists around the United States.

Ms. Webster gives artists to power to create flawless self-expression by empowering artist during their weekly Paint night seminars where she is a facilitator.  Because the prosperity of art lies within the artist’s state-of mind; by providing a venue and instruction for aspiring artists to create, artist can grow beyond the confines of self-doubt in getting their work noticed. 

Tasha Webster is already developing a cult like following of customers in Anchorage, Alaska.  She has appeared in a USAToday photo essay showcasing the opening of an art show.  She was interviewed on Anchorage Alaska’s local CBS station, KTVA channel 11 where she discussed her instruction during the weekly Paint Night event.  She is well received in Anchorage, Alaska as an advocate for comfort art among children and the business community.  

“I really love Tasha – she’s super involved with everyone there even if there’s a huge crowd,” said an artist present during her weekly instruction. “The best part was watching my painting come together!” said local artist, Jennifer Baine.  i’klectic Life, Crafts and Cosmetics has these testimonials and many more.  It is no wonder that Tasha Webster and her company is about to achieve success in 2016.

i’klektik life LLC is a one of a kind company (literally) offering mobile arts and crafts services to all communities. Tasha Webster is now offering the Alaskan community and can arrange the experience of making custom and unique products in the form of a “Craft Party” or creative class – on your time and in your preferred environment!  

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