Salvo Spagna and Michael Kraemer at IfC shopping mall, Shanghai

The first Italian Luxury Advisor Salvo Spagna with Mr Michael Kraemer at the IfC Shopping mall, Shanghai.

When we were in one of the most luxurious place in China, the IfC shopping mall at Shanghai, we asked Salvo Spagna, the first Italian Luxury Advisor and consultant of the most famous shopping malls in all the world, what he thought about the initiative of taking the Kraemer gallery, which deals with extremely precious pieces of art exhibited in the Louvre Museum at Paris, in the Fine Art of Boston and the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

Salvo Spagna replied that when you take such exclusive and expensive decisions, like getting extremely precious pieces of art, you do it because you love your customers because you want to let your customers experience what few can do because they should travel thousands of miles across the world to see them by themselves.

This love toward their customers is repaid by success and fame like the IfC where the brands and the services are well organized and the customers feel loved through fabulous experiences. If you want a crowded shopping mall you need to give some fun to the customers, give them good food, inform and entertain them, give efficient services and cost-efficient products tailored for their needs, but above all they have to feel loved. Our work in helping the Shopping Mall and the Department Store has the aim to let others abide to these rules, to keep creating new strategies and ideas and bringing them to a high rate of success. 

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