It is a known fact that while most people know that eating a balanced diet and working out are crucial components to a healthy lifestyle, daily tasks get in the way and people fall into bad habits. Successful UK based entrepreneur AJ Joshi has created a fitness channel and brand on Periscope named Valens (, that features ordinary people who have been through fitness journeys to inspire people to get healthy and feel good about themselves. In just a few weeks, Valens has shot to the top of Periscope and it holds the #1 ranking for fitness channels.

Valens founder Joshi was inspired to create Valens after falling into an unhealthy lifestyle in his early twenties. He didn’t have enough time to go to the gym and ate whatever he wanted. He struggled with diets and supplements, but nothing actually worked until he made a conscious decision to make a complete lifestyle change. Joshi had always been interested in foods and decided to study ingredients in depth, as well as the psychology behind internal food battles. After making significant progress and having positive results in his own life, Joshi decide to share his advice with the masses so people could look in the mirror and be happy both inside and out.

Valens focuses on helping people to feel good about themselves not just through diet and exercise, but also, with a complete lifestyle change that brings happiness to individuals and their families. Valens was created with a focus on ethics and morals to help people understand the science behind food, rather than leading them to a strict, hard to follow diet. Brand ambassadors and instructors are not fitness fanatics. Rather, they are ordinary people who have been on a journey just like everyone else. Valens was created to give people a place to get healthy without any outside intimidation.

Valens gained over 20,000 followers within 6 weeks of going live on Periscope and it had such a positive impact that it surged to more than 200,000 followers in following weeks. This impressive rise has attracted a lot of attention, as the methods have been successful for many viewers. Valens has plans to further expand the brand in upcoming months with more videos and products.

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