E-DINAR – cryptocurrency for everyone

In 2009 was released the first cryptocurrency (virtual, digital currency). It was an event that changed the whole financial world. Today there are several dozen of different cryptocurrency, but this company is not standard cryptocurrency yet. This digital money had already exist about 6 years, and now it is ready for presentation like a new cryptocurrency – E-DINAR.

What is the E-DINAR?

It is a global cryptocurrency, something like digital money. The creators took into account all weak spots of ordinary cryptocurrency during the developing of the E-DINAR. Moreover, the new cryptocurrency is really strong competitor, that will differ from others.

E-DINAR is the currency, which increased in volume by 20% per month. New E-DINAR cryptocoins are creating during the process that called “mining”. System E-DINAR is unique because of our ability to create only 22 million units of this currency. After this E-DINAR would be stopped. Than the shares of Internet-community E-DINAR will come to the stockmarket and than the price will be determined by the market of cryptocurrency.

E-DINAR is completely virtual, but everybody can exchange E-DINAR for goods, services or tangible money. Also you can instantly send any amount of money anywhere in the world. The majority of transactions are making without any commissions.

E-DINAR-transaction is 100% safe: the authenticity of each of them is protected by an electronic signature. Users have the full control of their E-DINAR. The source code of E-DINAR is completely open, so it means that anyone can check how the system works in any time they want. The payments are making without reference to personal data, so the possibility of identity theft is excluded.

How to start using that kind of currency? It is very easy: it is enough to turn on the computer, go via simple registration process and to purchase E-DINAR currency.

Details on the site http://e-dinar.io/

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