Tranz-Connect and Tranz Messenger Revolutionizes how consumers connect with businesses

Tranz offers mobile solutions for businesses through Tranz-Connect and Tranz Messenger. It helps them create a strong connection with their target market in an effective manner.

Tranz-Connect is a secure text messenger service designed for businesses. It enables business owners to be visible to their target consumer market that has the free Tranz Messenger app downloaded to their iOS devices. The makers are also currently working to get the app to Android, Web browsers and Smart Watches.

The Tranz-Connect app is part of a subscription service at USD 9.99 per month for each business user. It helps businesses local to global in scope to stay within reach of their target market that has the Tranz Messenger app installed on their mobile devices. The Tranz Messenger app is a free app that is usually downloaded by the consumers from their device’s app store.

Tranz gives them access to their favorite subscribed companies and helps them to stay updated with their latest happenings. It also enables consumers to break any language and communication barriers that may arise with Tranz’ real-time language translation option. They can now connect with any subscribed business enterprise all over the globe effectively in their native language.

The current communication system between consumers and business has several frustrating flaws. IVR services can get annoying for customers who wish to talk to an actual human. Web chats too, call for the consumer to be glued to their computer screen until a response time is reached. Besides, these connections are often not secure. There is also a limitation, as one cannot send multimedia as examples to get their problems solved.

Tranz-Connect and Tranz Messenger help bridge this communication gap and makes it easier for consumers to communicate instantly on their mobile devices and get in touch with businesses much more readily. Businesses have the option to stay logged into the service throughout the day or as per their business hours.

Find Tranz and Tranz-Connect at or on your device’s app store.

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