Free Online Event On Meaningful Business Scheduled For November 23rd to 25th

Building the Heart Centered Economy is a free online seminar offered by Blanca Vergara and a group of nine thought leaders. The purpose of the free event is to implement ideas for a more heart-centered economy in the world.

Blanca Vergara is pleased to announce the world’s first summit for leaders who want to create a fresh new alternative for business. The free event, scheduled for November 23rd to 25th is titled “Building the Heart Centered Economy”. The free online event features the world’s most respected teachers who will share their vision for a future, which is more human and humane. The summit combines profound and practical content.

The world’s first Heart Centered Economy Summit has received a great deal of attention with the number of well-known speakers who will be offering their advice. The event is set to bring business people together from around the world and build new leadership capabilities and provide a more positive solution in developing a business.

A number of well-known speakers are bringing their knowledge and experience to the event. In addition to host Blanca Vergara, attendees can interact with Pamela Slim, Howard Martin, Joy Perreras, Nikkea Devid, Diana Dentinger,  Grant Soosalu,  Bertil Schaart, Amethyst Wyldfyre and Lynette Allen. These builders of the heart-centered economy are business leaders, and entrepreneurs, as well as purpose-driven professionals. They are the embodiment of compassion-led business. Each will be personally interviewed during the sessions.

Blanca Vergara has been planning this event for years. It incorporates her experience as a business consultant with cutting edge scientific research on physiology and her roots in the Toltec culture. Blanca Vergara has developed several online programs to help participants to thrive in a complex age.

The event will focus on developing new leadership capabilities, which create new business solutions that are better able to answer global challenges. Speakers are prepared to share ideas about how to have a real impact on the world. The summit will focus on three major premises: purposeful performance, thriving in complex times and inter-connectedness.

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About Blanca Vergara

After a very successful corporate career, Blanca Vergara left the corporate world disappointed on how businesses were conducted. Her first hypothesis was that “they” were wrong; that companies was psychopathic entities, void of empathy. After all, that was the pattern she saw repeating for 20 years in different continents, industries and company sizes.

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