Henna Experts Talk about Significance of Henna in Different Cultures and as Modern Body Art with Latest Designs a website that has been recently established to bring the latest mehndi designs and trends along with the practical tips and information about the ancient form of body art to a growing fan base. Henna or Mehndi application as temporary tattoo has been growing in popularity for the past few years; it has grown from being a cultural symbol of happiness and festivity to an artistic medium as more and more henna have begun to experiment with different designs and style giving way to an even more fascinating art form.  Mehndi Designs experts have shared with their readers a brief insight in the rich history of Mehndi, its different styles and the latest beautiful and skillful henna designs on trend right now.

Mehndi dye is made out of a paste created by crushing the leaves of lawsonia inermis plant and water; the paste is applied on skin or hair for its signature orangish color.

“From a very long time Mehndi is used as ayurvedic medicine for headache, skin disorders, astringent, feet burning, baldness, and liver disorder. “mehndika” is Sanskrit word for mehndi. There are lots of medicine which can be made with paste of mehndi and turmeric. Now days it is generally used for designing woman and sometime men’s hands and feet.” – Henna experts share.

To a person new to the world of mehndi or henna the intricate world of henna art and style from various regions might come as a surprise but as the Henna Experts explain mehandi design has branched out to different styles according to regions and most of them carry different symbolic significance. One of the styles that seem to be popular among the women of today is the sophisticated Arabic style which takes influence from nature and florals.

“This art of Arabic mehndi generally makes use of large, simply constructed floral styles that are mainly used by women, generally on the hands or feet. The beauty and the gorgeousness of the designs would different with regards to the ability and skill of the one that applies the henna on the subject, thus if you are searching for excellent Arabic Mehandi designs, make sure that you seek one that has lots of skill and experience applying henna!”

Other prominent styles include the Indian style, Pakistani and African. has accumulated a large variety of designs of all styles for the convenience of their visitors.

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