VeggieFresh LED Releases the ST72 – Waterproof LED Grow Light For Commercial Greenhouses & Vertical Farming

Growing vegetables indoors with LED Grow Lights is easier with VeggieFresh LED’s ST72 Waterproof lighting system.

VeggieFresh LED has released the all new ST72 LED Grow Light bar for commercial greenhouses and vertical farming.

Indoor vegetable growers can take advantage of the ST72’s fan-free, waterproof design and high efficiency to reduce costs, improve crop quality, and increase profits from locally grown produce. Electricity costs can be reduced by 50% or more which means a fast return on investment for commercial growers. 

A potential benefit in reduced production costs is that it could open up the market to other plants that were not previously profitable. This gives local growers an advantage over their competition by offering produce that consumers are unable to get from other local sources.

The ST72 is based on COB (chips on board) technology that allows many small LEDs to share the same circuit board instead of individually packaged. The advantage here is greater efficiency and color mixing that lends itself to the close-up, stacked growing conditions inherent in commercial vertical farming.

With an IP 65 rating, the ST72 can withstand wet conditions and spraying water common in greenhouses and vertical farming applications. The fanless design increases reliability for years of hassle-free growing. It has no moving parts and its sophisticated design can stand up to the rigors of commercial growing environments.

In addition to its abilities in professional grow operations, the ST72 can be used for smaller home gardens. Growing vegetables and fruit indoors and in off-grid applications are now possible on a small scale and still potentially profitable with the right mix of crops.

For the last 3 years, VeggieFresh LED has provided vegetable growers worldwide with highly efficient, yield producing LED Grow Lights. Because of the reduction in electricity costs and increase in crop quality, growers can see 20-35% more revenue. Contact VeggieFresh at 1-800-850-5131 to discuss your indoor or greenhouse operation today.

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