Draxas watches achieve double the funding goal within a few weeks of the Indiegogo campaign

Draxas watches started their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $10,000 but now reached a funding of $27,800 due to huge support from the masses. The campaign still has two more weeks to go and continues to receive support from the backers.

Though Draxas watches are a part of Griffin Emblem, the two are kept as separate brands since Draxas designs are contemporary in their approach. The Griffin Emblem watches were also launched on Indiegogo itself a before and received funding successfully.

The success of the campaign for Griffin Emblem watch inspired the launch of Draxas watches on Indiegogo too and not to mention the watches have received a great response from the people. The watches from Griffin Emblem are delivered to all the backers and received positive feedback from them.

Draxas watches come in a variety of designs made from high quality material. The 38.5mm dial is covered with sapphire glass, a unique serial number, genuine leather strap and a SEIKO instrument Inc. SII Movement (Made in Japan).  

The sapphire glass is known to be extremely durable, shatterproof and scratch resistant. The metal strap version of the watch uses high quality stainless steel which eliminates any risk of corrosion while giving the strap a good texture.

Draxas watches are suitable for both men and women to be worn casually or professionally.

The funds raised from the campaign will be used for the fabrication of the watches, paying additional fees such as for Indiegogo, Paypal, Banks, government taxes, shipping, advertisement and others.

The backers can own the watch by ordering one of the perks and also show their support by sharing the campaign on social media. With a contribution of $149, the Draxas watch can be pre ordered and the user can chose from a variety of available designs on the campaign page.

The watches can be chosen according to their design, metal or leather strap and color by selecting different perks. The company plans to deliver the watches by December 2015.

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Company Name: Griffin Emblem
Contact Person: Alain Recuze
Email: alain.recuze@gmail.com
Phone: +33695434382
Country: France
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