Wait Times at Popular Restaurants are no more a Riddle with The Spotted App

Last minute restaurant decision made easy, with real-time wait from restaurants and the community.

The Spotted App (launched this Nov in the US) lists nearby restaurants in order of the predicted wait.  Customers can request current wait and either the crowd or the restaurant itself will report the wait. It mainly targets popular restaurants in the $$ to $$$ meal price range, where judging wait ahead of time is not easy for customers or restaurants. With known wait times, customers can now plan their impromptu restaurant visits better and by providing a better experience for their patrons, restaurants can increase their seating and boost revenue.

Impromptu business and lunch meetings, impromptu family dinners are quite common these days. Longer wait times than expected eats up quality time sharing the meals together. Knowing the wait time can help professionals and families to know what to expect and plan better.

The Spotted App solves this by harnessing the power of the community. The wait sharing cycle starts with anyone in the community who can get the ball rolling by sharing their wait time experience. Someone else in the community, planning a last minute restaurant visit, gets the benefit of knowing the wait time without visiting or calling the restaurant. Tomorrow, it may be their turn to benefit from knowing the wait time provided by others in the community. The App connects people and kindles a community spirit.

With the forever free plan, the Spotted App encourages restaurants to report their wait proactively. Sharing wait helps a restaurant to avoid customer wait time frustrations when the restaurant is busy and wait is longer than what the customer might expect. Wait time transparency also helps restaurants dispel the customer perception that they are busy all the time. This is very critical now when Google provides popular times at restaurants, which can be misinterpreted as wait times. Overall, the Spotted App helps the restaurant provide better customer service and retain as well as gain more customers.

In the coming days, Spotted will enable capabilities for restaurants to manage and offer impromptu incentives to customers requesting wait times. This can be used by restaurants to reward customer loyalty or influence customers to visit during off-peak hours with deep discounts.

The Spotted App has win-win proposition to customers as well as restaurant and community as a whole. 


App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spotted-wait-watcher-community/id983958387?mt=53

Play Store URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotted.spotter


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