1commercialspace.com Starts Updated List of Low-Cost Office Rental Singapore for New Investors

Just like the business environment in Singapore has ever been pro-investment, the commercial real property market in Singapore has always grown steadily. 1commercialspace.com recently updated its list of real properties in Singapore.

1commercialspace.com, a premium commercial rental property directory exclusively made for prospective investors in Singapore, recently updated its list of rental properties in Singapore. The owners of the real property directory said that they have paid special attention to low-cost rental options this time and the new and updated list of properties contains all the budget options along with the more big-ticket office spaces in Singapore for rent.

The owners and webmasters of 1commercialspace.com also stated that they have also included office for sale Singapore as a new category in the updated list. According to them, there are many potential investors who look to buy office spaces in Singapore instead of renting office spaces, shops etc.

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“Singapore was always a destination for serious and big investors, who want to manage their East Asia operations from their Singapore offices. Due to its strategic location and good connectivity with nearby big economic hubs, Singapore has successfully retained its position among the top places to do business in East Asia. It is a good thing for investors that the rental median has gone slightly down in the past month. Our new and updated list contains all those low-cost office spaces nearby Singapore CBD and other areas in Singapore,” said a Singapore real estate market analyst working with 1commercialspace.com

According to the owners, 1commercialspace.com also offers expert advice, tips and tricks and provides other forms of assistance to first-time investors. “Thanks to the transparent real estate renting and buying laws in Singapore, anybody with strong credentials can now invest in Singapore commercial real estate and start doing business from the heart of East Asian business activities,” said Dalen Chee, a senior realtor associated with 1commercialspace.com

“Office rental Singapore has really become easy in the past couple of years. The paperwork has been reduced to a minimum by the government and the pertinent laws have been amended to create a pro-investment atmosphere. We at 1commercialspace.com are committed to making real estate transactions simpler and easier for the potential investors,” the realtor further added during a press conference.

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1commercialspace.com is a real estate portal that enlists all the commercial properties for sale or rent in Singapore.

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