Premium Canopy and Umbrellas Now Made More Accessible With Mediace

The demand for high-quality canopies and umbrellas is steadily increasing in Malaysia, not just among businesses and offices, but even among families as well. Mediace believes that the quality of these products can significantly make or break an event.

Whether it is for a one-time event or for a year-long event, Mediace manufacturing has introduced a higher standards in canopy and umbrella making, which has attracted big ticket clients from the tourism, advertising, restaurant, and outdoor adventures agencies.

Regardless of the event or usage, Mediace has strategically designed their products to last long-term, even with daily use. This premium quality is specifically useful for advertisers that utilize umbrella advertising, to make sure that their advertisement can withstand different weather and will stay on as long as possible.

“Advertisers typically invest so much in their advertising tools, so a quality output should likewise come along with it,” said one of the Mediace founders.

When it comes to classic umbrellas, Mediace has also become one of the top choices of food stall and hawker vendors. Although the durability of the Mediace umbrellas are guaranteed, they also come in affordable prices, which makes it a practical choice for small vendors.

The company likewise provides the option to purchase spare parts of the umbrella, an opportunity that is highly welcomed by the Hawkers in Malaysia.

“We’re very impressed because even the spare parts from Mediace have apparent durability. Given enough budget, we will definitely explore purchasing the entire classic umbrella set for them,” said Emil Kier, a hawker based in Kuala Lumpur.

The Arabian canopy of Mediace has also been attracting the attention of event organizers, because of their standout design and sturdy materials. These canopies are among the favorites items when it comes to weddings and corporate events.

Unlike the typical canopy products turn into water bags during rainy days, Mediace’s canopies are resilient enough to heavy rains ensuring the safety and comfort of the crowd.

About: Mediace is Malaysia’s top manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of premium outdoor products including umbrellas, canopies, food container, and drinks dispenser for personal and corporate use. All their products can be found at

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