Debuts New California MCLE Ethics, Bias and Professional Competency Power Pack

CLEVELAND –, a California Bar-approved provider of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), announced today that it is releasing the 2015 edition of its popular “Power Pack.”  The CA MCLE Power Pack offers California attorneys the six hard-to-get courses: Four hours of California Ethics MCLE, an hour of CA Bias MCLE and the Professional Competency (formerly “Substance Abuse”) hour. The Power Pack is available in audio CDs or as downloadable MP3 audio files. 

“The Power Pack has been an enduring hit with California practicing attorneys for quite a few years now,” said Hugh Taylor, CEO of “Our approach is to make these courses easy and economical to take, but also make them as interesting as possible.”

The 2015 Power Pack includes the following courses:

• Ethical Issues in Terminating the Attorney-Client Relationship – This California legal ethics MCLE course explores the often complicated and risky ethical issues inherent in ending the attorney-client relationship.

• Legal Ethics Red Flags – Taking on New Clients and Cases – This course takes a fresh look at a familiar process, the signing of a new client.  The process has some hidden ethical challenges.

• Navigating the Ethical Minefield of Social Media for California Attorneys – Social media, while an increasingly popular method of marketing and networking for attorneys, is fraught with ethical risk if it is not pursued correctly.

• Legal Ethics: The Limits of Aggressive Counsel – While attorneys who can turn “no into yes” are often prized, there are ethical constraints on overly aggressive representation. This course looks at the limits and consequences of excessive advocacy.

• Mental Health, Addiction, and Professional Competency – In this CA MCLE Professional Competency course, a practicing California psychiatrist goes into depth on how attorneys can identify, confront and treat mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

• Being Aware of Cultural Differences When Clients Do Business in Mexico – This is the Bias Awareness hour in the Power Pack. It covers the sometimes puzzling but extremely important cultural differences between American and Mexican business practices. For California attorneys, this is a frequent challenge. is a CA Bar approved multi-course MCLE provider. Provider #15304. 

The Power Pack is available now at

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