Clearwater Academy Knights Wins 49th Straight Football Game

Coach Jesse Chinchar Expecting to Take 8-Man Team to Unprecedented 50 Game Winning Streak This Week

CLEARWATER, Fla. – The Clearwater Academy Knights, Florida’s best 8-man football team, has now won 49 games in a row under the leadership of 24 year old head coach Jesse Chinchar. Chinchar is expecting to take the team to an unprecedented 50th straight victory this Friday. Eight-man football is a variation on the standard eleven-man game. It is mostly played by smaller high schools. Chinchar was originally a player with the team until his graduation in 2011. He has coached the team since then.

“I’m very proud of our boys,” said Jesse Chinchar. “They’ve dedicated years of their lives to this moment. A fifty game win streak is a once in a life time memory.”

The Knights, representing Clearwater Academy International, are ranked nationally among 8 man football teams. The Knights have built a record of 92 wins and 6 losses since their first season in 2008.  During that time, they have won three state championships and a national 8-man tournament. Chinchar has been associated with the team since its inception. In 2008, he was the team’s all-state quarterback, winning a state championship and receiving the league’s Heisman trophy. This honor is presented to the best player in the state. The team is the subject of an upcoming Directv documentary called “Like a train.”

After his graduation in 2011, Chinchar became a coach for the team. In 2012, he took over as interim coach near the season’s end. The then 21 year old took over full coaching responsibility in 2013, leading the team to its 49 straight victories. When he began his coaching career at age 14, he was coaching the school’s flag football team. Some of those original players are still on his team to this day. 

Eight-man football shares the same rules as the 11-man game, but it is played with 8 players on offense and defense – missing two tackles and a skill position player. An 8-man football field is smaller than a standard field, 40 yards by 80 yards. The game has produced many notable college and professional players.  Texas Governor, Rick Perry, played 6-man football in high school due to the small size of the town where he grew up. They didn’t have enough boys for an 11-man team.

Clearwater Academy International is a private school known for focusing on what it calls “Goals Oriented Education.”  The school’s professional youth development staff works to discover the unique skills, interests and goals of all students. Clearwater has experienced success with students when academics are aligned with personal goals. 

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