Over 150,000 UK Motorists Make the Same Mistake Every Year

Wrong Fuel Recovery Reveals that Putting the Wrong Fuel in a Car is a Common but Costly and Dangerous Mistake

LONDON, UK – Wrong Fuel Recovery, Britain’s biggest independent wrong fuel company, revealed today that over 150,000 UK motorists make the same mistake every year by putting the wrong fuel in their cars.  Whether it’s a petrol in diesel car error or diesel in a petrol car, this common error costs motorists millions of pounds per year.  Wrong Fuel Recovery covers the whole of the UK and offers the most economical car mobile fuel draining service on a 24/7 basis.

“This is really a pretty staggering figure,” said Deep Aulakh of Wrong Fuel Recovery. “But, it’s an easy mistake make.  The good news is that you can get a wrong fuel problem fixed wherever you are at anytime through our service.” The company noted that wrong fuel in car errors can potentially ruin a vehicle’s engine in addition stranding the motorist until help can arrive.

Wrong Fuel Recovery provides a unique, affordable 24-hour mobile fuel drain service to motorists when they have put the wrong fuel in their cars at any location. Wrong Fuel Recovery has an experienced, professional team available to be dispatched in specially-equipped fuel drainage vehicles. Known as “Wrong Fuel Angels,” they are trained fuel engineers. They show up to the site where the wrongly fueled car has stopped and drain wrongly-filled diesel or petrol from the vehicle’s tank. 

The company has a 40 minute response in the London area. Wrong Fuel Recovery also offers rapid response times in Essex, Manchester Liverpool and Kent. The wrong fuel draining process takes about 20 minutes.  Within an hour, most Wrong Fuel Recovery customers are back on the road.  The wrong fuel rescue service costs £99.  All drained fuels and contaminated materials are disposed of at designated depots in compliance with standards from Environmental Agencies.

Customer response has been enthusiastic.  One rescued driver commented, “I can’t imagine myself putting petrol into a diesel car – just a call saved me time and money. Within a short time, I was back to the road. This really saved me from loosing my business. Thanks to Wrong Fuel Recovery.”  Another very pleased customer said, “I was really amazed, one of your Angels just drained my car after I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel car. The service rendered was excellent. It was real helpful and save me time and money. Well done.” 

For more information go to www.wrongfuel-recovery.co.uk

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