Cyr The Don Releases Senior Studio Endeavor, ‘Mendez’

Cyr The Don, a rising independent hip hop artist, has released his fourth studio effort, ‘Mendez.’ The album is a “Mexican-American manifesto told through hip hop in the age of Donald Trump.”??Targeted at hip hop and rap fans, the dynamic new collection is available in its entirety on DatPiff to download or stream for free. The thirteen track excursion through creative soundscapes and explosive hip hop isn’t to be missed, as Cyr The Don defines himself as an indie artist with immense potential and relevance in the scene throughout.

One of the notable differentiating factors between Cyr and other indie hip hop artists is his immense crew of masterful producers. Production from the following talents aids ‘Mendez’ in being the powerhouse effort it is: AB Arias, Chris ‘QB The Problem’ Hysaw, William ‘Dolla Bill’ Evans, Steve Santos (Duke E. Brown Band,) Jerry Tagle (Barrio Sound Machine,) Will FMG, and Rich ‘The Engin-Ear’ Garcia.

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, Cyr is an award winning painter, writer, and producer. For the last six months, AB Arias and Cyr have toiled endlessly on the creation of ‘Mendez.’ The poignant record delves into a variety of subject matter, according to Cyr. “I touch on subject matter relative to my people, our struggle, our pride,” he said. “As hardworking immigrants, my grandparents picked cotton. I’m the son of a man who died too early, but taught me that hard work pays off in the long run.” He’s also a barber and a single father.

Cyr’s efforts in life pay touching homage to his father, the late Albert Mendez. His mother, Irene Arellano Soto, who passed away in June, taught him the value of hard work and the appreciation of culture and family. “I plan on leaving a legacy that cannot and will not be ignored,” Cyr explains. “I touch on political subject matter… and I and my producer are also in talks to have some of our music featured in major movies and series on HBO.”

Cyr is considered a leader of and a respected member within his community. ‘Mendez,’ which is dedicated in loving memory to both his parents, isn’t the end of the road, either. Cyr is extensively planning two upcoming efforts: ‘Don Fresh’ and ‘Arellano.’ His mission is pure, authentic, and good-hearted. The Mexican American community is wrongly associated with criminals, rapists, and lower life forms, a sentiment the 2016 Republican presidential candidate’s fuel into popular culture.

“We are in fact the backbone of this country and we’re coming for what’s ours,” Cyr says. In a modern era of Trump-racism, a hostile climate has reemerged for Mexican Americans, African Americans, and other groups. From police brutality to radically conservative immigration plans akin to Trump’s, the United States is far from the safe haven it should be for all racial groups. Thus, music like Cyr’s couldn’t be more important or timelier. His message is the future, and it’s worth listening to now.

Fans can connect with Cyr on his website which houses a variety of music videos along with a store for listeners in need of some artist swag. Cyr can be followed on social media as well, which can be found below along with DatPiff, where ‘Mendez’ is housed for stream and download. The two singles for the record are ‘Runways’ and ‘My Love Is Still Love.’

Media Contact
Company Name: Cyr-Mendez
Contact Person: Albert B. Mendez Jr.
Phone: 3616876420
Address:6113 Gold Nugget
City: Corpus Christi
State: Texas
Country: United States