China Foreigner of 2015 – by Mandarinclick

Mandarinclick’s yearly foreigner competition is about to kick off! This year’s edition: ‘China Foreigner of 2015’ will be even more special than previous editions! As China becomes more and more important on the global stage, more and more foreigners choose to live here. Mandarinclick is a consulting firm in Beijing that has helped thousands of these foreigners with finding their way in China, by business consulting, recruiting, incubation and job/internship providing. For this contest, Mandarinclick will select a group of talented individuals, composed of foreign entrepreneurs, excellent students, and dedicated volunteers. 

This event began as a way for young talent to show themselves artistically in the foreign and Chinese community. During this year‘s edition, the winner is uniquely decided upon by the audience voting on WeChat; voting will be easy and time-effective. Many awesome prizes will be distributed amongst the voters! 

Iconic judges and media will be joining to this upcoming event. The contest will be promoted in a wide variety of media channels locally and internationally. Local channels include Chinadaily,  Xinhuanet, Ifeng, Global Times?BTV,  Sina, Sohu, Youku,and Tencent. Overseas social media include Youtube, Instragram, Facebook, etc. 

Previous winners of the China foreigner competition currently have excellent jobs and their careers were truly kick-started by the media exposure surrounding their participation. This year’s participants will receive interesting prizes, such as the participation in a talent referral program by Mandarinclick. 

They say every minute a star is born! This competition aims to presnt these stars to China, and to show Chinese businesses what great talent the expat-community has to offer! Talents will be displayed on Mandarinclick’s Wechat account (Mandarin Click) and Facebook (Mandarinclick). Which participant deserves the award ‘China Foreigner of 2015’?

Get out there and vote!

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