Corbin Sweet Potato Spirits Gets Ready For the Fall With A Sweet Potato Vodka Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Cooking with Corbin: Pumpkin Pie with a Sweet Potato Vodka Crust.
It is not an unknown fact that most vodka is created by distilling potatoes.

This extremely popular alcoholic drink is enjoyed straight up, mixed, blended, over ice, chilled, and now even in pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! Corbin Sweet Potato Spirits is an unexpected form of vodka, unlike any other that is on the market. They create a unique vodka that has notes of buttery caramel on the first sip, followed by a nutty, earthy flavor which leaves you with a slight sweetness on your palate. 

How Did Sweet Potato Spirits Start?

This spirit started with a one-hundred year old family farm. The family excelled in harvesting the sweet potato, one of the most nutritious vegetables there are, which is packed with potassium, fiber, and riboflavin. All of the sweet potatoes that are used in the creation of the vodka, and other delectable spirits that Corbin offers, are made out of one-hundred percent sweet potatoes that are grown on this historical family farm.

Distilling sweet potatoes is actually an extremely difficult process. It takes knowledge, patience, practice, and skill. It is unlink the typical potato, it must be handled carefully; however the results are far more rewarding than the standard vodka. The idea of distilling sweet potatoes to master a drink unlike any other came from the founder and distiller of Sweet Potato Spirits, David Souza. He is a fourth-generation sweet potato farmer, who released Sweet Potato Spirits in 2009. He is proud of his farm-to-bottle concept of spirits.

The Sweet Potato Vodka Pumpkin Pie!

Now, Sweet Potato Vodka is being used for more than just making great drinks. True to form for the festive season, it is entirely appropriate that a drink made out of one of the most beloved Thanksgiving dishes be used in the making of one of the most beloved Thanksgiving desserts. The recipe requires just two chilled tablespoons of the spirit, which is just enough to complement the the flavors in the pie.

The Sweet Potato Vodka has the signature subtle nutty notes which dance on the tastebuds when they meet the nutmeg in the filling. The vanilla mixed with the pumpkin, ginger, and cinnamon blend perfectly with the hints of caramel that the vodka provides. The flavors working together create a smell in the kitchen so tantalizing that it will be hard to wait for it to come out of the oven!

Want to find out How to Create a Pumpkin Pie with a Sweet Potato Vodka Crust?

Recipe can be found here: Cooking with Corbin: Pumpkin Pie with a Sweet Potato Vodka Crust.

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