Shenzhen QiDa Makes Travel Times Fun And Highly Enjoyable With The All-New Two Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

“Two wheels self balance scooter made in China”
Two wheels self balance scooter experiences

Hi, I am Guang Xie and I am here to share my wonderful experiences with my newest buy – the two wheels scooter from Shenzhen QiDa Technology Co. Limited.

I read about the two wheel self balancing scooter from some online sources and was thrilled to know that such a personal transporter existed because I always dreamt of riding one. I immediately started looking for an online demo video of the two wheels scooter and found one pretty quickly. It only made me more restless because the very idea of a hands-free, self balancing scooter was exciting. I am thankful to Shenzhen QiDa Technology Limited, the company that is popular for their innovative travel devices, for having converted this idea into a reality.

It was not long before I finally had my own two wheel self balancing scooter, a travel device that’s becoming a rage among the youth. The unique personal transporter makes travel fun and remarkably convenient as it has a self-balancing design.

I discovered pretty quickly that the two wheels scooter is an amazing product. Its packed with features that has completely changed the way I travel. The two wheel self balancing scooter is portable and can be carried around effortlessly. I learnt how to ride this self balance electric scooter with very little effort and pretty quickly too. The smartly designed scooter comes with LED lights placed perfectly for greater user comfort.

The two wheels scooter has an advanced balancing system which allows me to remain in full control while moving forward and backward movement. The brilliant design makes turning and maneuvering super easy.

Believe me, riding this two wheel self balancing scooter could be one of the most exciting things you could have ever done. I lose track of time when I am riding this marvelous device. It’s fun driving this innovative personal transporter. Playing with this Shenzhen QiDa scooter helped me explore and discover newer possibilities and newer ways of using it.

The handlebar free vehicle makes it easy for me to pick up things in the supermarket conveniently. I have clicked some superb photos while on the move and I can do so without the risk of losing balance. It is indeed, an amusement device, a wonderful transporter and a sport device, all rolled into one.

I use this two wheel self balancing scooter to ride at home and take it outdoors to enjoy my favorite outdoor game. I plan to take it entertainment shows and show off my riding and dancing skills on the move. For me, the fun never stops with this wonderfully balanced and innovative travel unit as it offers endless travel opportunities.

Here are some technical details of the two wheels scooter that might help you make the buying decision faster.

The two wheels scooter is designed to carry a load of 100 Kg and takes you across to your favorite destination at a maximum speed of 10 Km/Hr. The two wheel self balancing scooter has a maximum range of 15 to 20 kilometers and can be fully charged within two hours using 100-240V/50-60HZ. The battery is long lasting and can be recharged at least 1800 times which means it lasts 3.8 times longer than conventional battery and is much safer to use. The e-scooter has 170mm, non-pneumatic hollow tire and is available in black, white, yellow, pink and red colors.

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About Shenzhen QiDa Technology Co. Limited:

Shenzhen QiDa Technology Company is a reputed supplier of groundbreaking, self-balancing electric unicycle Bluetooth scooters. Their factory is located in Shenzhen city. The workshop covers are area of 1500 square meters. They design, manufacture and market their products worldwide.

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