Pest control caution:The rainy season and floods sends rats looking for cover in living space

“Homes and buildings near a wooded area, green belt, or water source, have bird feeders or dogs that spend time outdoors, experts say regular checks of home foundations for holes or cracks.Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. Mice can squ”
Cold weather sends mice and rats heading for the heat and food they can find in a house.A number of species of rodents call the Seattle area home. Even a very clean house can become the home of rodents, leading to sanitation problems and health risks. Seattle pest control professionals see a number of different types of mice and rats in homes throughout the area.

These are some of the most common rodents encountered by Seattle exterminators:

– Norway Rats. The Norway rat or Rattus norvegicus is a very large pest that can get up to 15 inches long. The rodents have long fur that ranges from dark brown to light grey in color. The tail of a Norway rat is usually smaller than its body, and it leaves behind droppings that are shaped like tiny capsules.

– Roof Rats. Often found in attics and crawlspaces in the Seattle area, the roof rat or Rattus rattus can grow as long as the Norway rat, but it has some differences in appearance. The rats’ tails are usually longer than their bodies, and they are usually slimmer with darker, shorter fur.

– Field mice.Field Mice are scavengers. They will eat anything they think they can. They occasionally dig through homes at the scent of food and stay there for the shelter inside the walls. Most buildings are home to at least one Mouse which quietly eats whatever it can before escaping to its home.

– House Mice. House mice come in colors ranging from shades of grey and brown to black, and their stomachs are usually white. These mice are typically 8 inches long or smaller, and they have hair on their ears and tails, making them easy to distinguish from rats.

What Professional Seattle Exterminators Do

While there are products that homeowners can use to bait rodents and kill them or safely remove them while alive, it can be difficult to quickly deal with rodent infestations using these products. As a result, most experts recommend calling Seattle exterminators when signs of rodent infestations are spotted. A Seattle pest control company will perform a rodent inspection to find what types of rodents are present in a home, where they are living and how they managed to get inside in the first place. Then, they develop the right extermination plan to relocate or kill the rodents in question. In addition to dealing with the immediate infestation, Seattle pest control companies provide advice on how to prevent rodents from returning and may make repairs to property that was caused by the pests.

Choosing the Right Seattle Pest Control Company

Homeowners that are looking for reliable, yet fairly priced Seattle pest control services for rodents can rely on AM/PM Exterminators. A family owned and operated company, the Seattle exterminators company has years of experience safely removing and exterminating rodents from homes and businesses throughout the Seattle area. The company offers competitive rates and will use the method of rodent removal that will provide the best outcome while recommending improvements and maintenance that will keep pests out in the future. To schedule a rodent inspection, call AM/PM Exterminators at 206 571 7580

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