Phone signal jammers using occasions

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Signal jammers are more and more important to us, Where to install the signal jammers ? How to install the jammer device ?

The various examination room, church, court, library, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, military areas prohibit the use of phone. A cell phone jammer is necessary for these places.


Venue: to prevent and put an end to the use of modern communication tools candidates cheating. Library: You can maintain a quiet environment for study and learning.

Theaters: as a place of entertainment, clear noise can keep the interest of the audience to enjoy the show.

Hospital: can cause harm to the human body and the medical device failure to prevent the use of mobile phones.

Court: You can keep the solemn and sacred court.

Military areas: prevent leaks of military secrets.

In short, the scope of the phone signal jammers is range, performance, and affordable.


The basic precautions of jammers Installation

Jammers installed height is better not less than 1.8 meters above the ground.

Installation location less than 200 meters from the phone base station, the shielding effect from the base station is inversely proportional to the distance. That is the base station is closer, the smaller shield radius.

Unplugged before tighten the antenna, antenna on the subject of digital holes are the subject of digital antenna on the host to a one-to-one correspondence, do not stick it in the wrong, but also cannot leave the antenna connected directly to power on the host.


Shielding the components of the standard installation method

The jammers parts generally include: host, antenna, power adapter. Install jammers within a certain distance of the host and antenna surrounding (usually 20-30 cm) there is a strong signal of the magnetic field, and 220V power line magnetic interference (the strong electricity) surrounding (typically 5-10 cm), so how the various components of the installation position placed on the crucial, are not positioned properly shielded signal the launch is likely to cause disruption, affecting the shielding effect.


The standard mounting pitches of the various components of the celular phone audio jammer were:

The power adapter should be away from host 20cm or more;

The antenna surrounding 20cm within strong electric lines (AC220V).

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