Hi-Tech, Customizable, Handmade Italian Bag to Make Modern Life Easier

Now that technology has made us accustomed to always being connected, simple things like our phones running out of batteries while we’re far from a wall socket can create unexpected difficulties. The launch of The Smartbag: The world’s most beautiful hi-tech fashion bag will offer solutions to this as well as a several other issues including never losing your bag again. The Smartbag project is currently seeking funding to cover the development of the app and manufacturing of their bags and kit on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least $20,000 to be raised by Wednesday, Dec 9 2015.

The Smartbag will be available to buyers in two different forms:

  • Buyers can choose from 4 models of customizable tech bag models perfect for both men and women which feature 2 USB chargers for charging smart devices, internal lights, a GPS location device, an SOS button function, a phone finder to help you locate your phone, a bag buddy system that alerts you if your bag and your phone get separated and more.  Each bag will be handmade in Italy in the color combination chosen by the buyers. These bags are elegant and fashionable on the outside and will be well organized on the inside with a hi-tech core.
  • There is also a stand-alone, easily transferable kit that will offer users the same functions as the tech bags. The kit can be used in any bag to make it as powerful as The Smartbag. This option was created to cater to the needs of those who do not require a new bag but appreciate the convenience The Smartbag has to offer.

The spokesperson from Ipnotica LLC, the developers of The Smartbag and its technology explains: “The Smartbag will make sure that you never remain disconnected or feeling stranded again. There are two USB chargers for your smartphone, iPhone or tablet. The Smartbag can charge an iPhone 6 about three times and a Samsung Galaxy about two and a half times. With GPS on continuously but in sleep mode, the bag has autonomy of about 21 days. The power bank will continue to charge up correctly and hold its charge for 2000 charges which translates to about a 6 year lifespan.”

The bags have been fashioned out of durable, weatherproof and lightweight material along with full grain, tumbled, calfskin leather trim which is the highest quality leather in existence. The designers have crafted a bag that is a perfect every day companion even without its hi-tech core. Besides looking great, it can hold all the items people usually carry with them. There are various pockets provided for keeping keys, a cellphone, money and more.

The developers have been at work since June 2015 developing the product, creating prototypes and rigorously testing them and are confident of the final product. The ongoing Kickstarter campaign has seen steady progress since its launch but still needs the help of the public to reach its goal. A variety of different rewards and perks are being offered to thank the generosity of those who support the project and a referral program has been introduced to reward those who help the team spread the word about the ongoing campaign.

To learn more and support The Smartbag, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1493313269/the-smartbag-the-worlds-most-beautiful-hi-tech-fas

About: The team at Ipnotica LLC is a small but diverse one with years of experience in new technologies. We started working in the wearable’s field in early 2014 in northern Italy. It was in the Milan area that we decided to marry our passion for tech with the local passion for fashion.

Media Contact:
Suzanne Schumacher
Ridgecrest, CA

Media Contact
Company Name: Ipnotica LLC
Contact Person: Suzanne Schumacher
Email: suzanne@ipnotica.me
Phone: +393664473266
Address:819 Mamie Ave
City: Ridgecrest
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1493313269/the-smartbag-the-worlds-most-beautiful-hi-tech-fas