Energy Healing Source Energy Healing Experts Explain Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Healing Source is an online resource of information on various Energy Healing Techniques; the website features articles and news about alternative and complementary healing modalities involving energy. The experts at have recently added to the website in depth articles about the concepts of Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique healing, two techniques that are rapidly gaining popularity as more people try to find information about these alternative healing methods and their benefits.

As stated on the Energy Healing Source website: “Energy healing is a type of alternative healing that prescribes to the notion that the mind/body connection can be used to promote healing and well-being. This form of healing is based on accessing, channeling, balancing and/or manipulating energy to accelerate healing or maintain health.”

Both Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique use the healing powers of energy to treat physical, psychological and emotional problems. Reiki involves the manipulation of life force energy in certain ways to treat patients is a holistic manner: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Holistic healing is gaining wider acceptance due to the fact that people are realizing that their bodies are different parts that are interconnected, which are dependent on each other to perform optimally and are not just different parts working separately on their own.

“Energy medicine believes that conventional medicine fails to invest in the whole body to promote healing and maintain health.  Whereas traditional medicine uses prescription medications and surgery to heal the body, energy healers believe in the power of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the person combining to heal them.”

In the article “How to do Reiki”, the concepts of learning and performing Reiki has been explained. Readers have been informed that to learn Reiki, wisdom from a Reiki master is necessary, the master assists learners in bringing out the natural ability that each person has within.

Moreover, the “What is EFT?” article informs readers about the various alternative healing techniques that have been combined in Emotional Freedom Technique and how it is done. This form of healing amalgamates energy healing modalities of acupuncture, energy medicine, neuro-linguistic programming, and Thought Field Therapy. This technique of energy healing can be used to end old patterns and unhealthy habits, close negative emotions and reinforce positive goals. One of the main benefits of the technique is that people require no formal training to perform EFT on themselves and it can be performed easily anywhere using readily available information.

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