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Black women across the world on a quest to achieve healthy, beautiful hair, now have an ally in the exciting newsletter from the stylish hair blog, Sherry’s Life.

Billed as a source for well-written information for all things hair, Sherry’s Life Newsletter delivers free weekly content on the latest hairstyle trends and hair care tips. Whether it’s natural or relaxed hair, users are sure to find useful articles to amplify their hairstyling efforts.

From hairstyles to haircuts, Sherry’s Life newsletter promises to deliver quality and unique content. Women who travel regularly will also gain access to creative hairstyle ideas to wear when travelling around the world.

Sherry’s Life Newsletter is produced by solopreneur and hair enthusiast, Sherry Harris. When asked about the motivation to launch a blog focused on hairstyles and hair care for black women, she said: “I wanted to encourage black women to take a leap of faith and believe in themselves. If you look good, it can change your entire attitude. You’ll feel like you can take on anything…including making the world your oyster.”

Even celebrities are being inspired by the content provided in the newsletter. Trina McGee, best known for her role in portrayal of Angela Moore on the ABC-Sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’ and guest star on Disney Channel’s spin-off, Girl Meets World, commented: “I find the articles fun, authentic, interesting and very helpful. Plus, I’m always in search of new hairstyles and hair tips because I get bored easily.”

Sherry’s Life newsletter is carefully designed to look great both on desktop and mobile. Readers who sign up now will be rewarded with a free cheat sheet featuring 32 habits of black women with long, beautiful hair. For further information or to subscribe to the newsletter, please visit: or


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It is an online content site that provides sound advice on really simple hair tricks every black woman needs to know to have beautiful, healthy hair.

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