The Purpose Revolution Launches, Bringing Purpose Discovery Education to the World

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November 18, 2015, Berkeley, CA – The Purpose Revolution, a global purpose movement and project of, launched its crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, to accelerate the purpose discovery of every human on Earth. In its first day, The Purpose Revolution crowd-funding campaign hit 30% of its $15,000 funding goal.

Planet Purpose Founder, Brandon Peele, states: “Purpose is not only a scientifically-validated best practice for life, but one I believe is a civil right and a necessary pre-condition for human survival and flourishing.” This year, Brandon and his team created a powerful purpose discovery education program, creating the experience required to rapidly liberate human potential, generate the political will for just, sustainable and peaceful reform, and create global unity.

Purpose is a scientifically validated means to create a longer, healthier, more connected and abundant life, as well as a just, sustainable and peaceful political economy.  Research has proven that purpose is positively correlated with: adding up to 7 years to the lifespan, quadrupling the likelihood of being engaged at work, and a 31% increase in the experience of love (  

The Purposeless Epidemic: Surprisingly, 87% of humans are disconnected from their purpose and disengaged at work (Gallup, 2014).  Planet Purpose was created to resolve this tension by bringing free purpose discovery education to every human on Earth.

The Purpose Revolution campaign funds will be used to edit and publish a book by the same name and also produce a 5-part video series entitled, “The Science of Purpose.”   ( Combined with the free 21-Day Purpose Challenge (next one: January, 31 2016). The Purpose Revolution campaign accelerates the purpose awakening of humanity, powering it to rip through culture, government, healthcare, and business.

Proven Results. In August of 2015, 1,200 people from over 50 countries participated in the free 21-Day Purpose Challenge. 95% of those who completed the post course survey reported a deeper connection to their life’s purpose after completing the Challenge, and also recommended the Challenge to their friends and family.

Brandon continues, “Humanity’s challenges have proven too great for our leaders, politicians and governments.  How many more Kyoto’s, 9/11’s, Deep Water Horizon’s, species extinctions, suicides and school shootings will it take for us to realize we are the people we’ve been waiting for?”

“The task of human survival and flourishing rests squarely on the shoulders of every citizen, to create the purposeful life, livelihood, communities, governments and relationship to our planet that works for all of us.  Without purpose, we will remain disempowered, stuck and risk-averse, waiting endlessly for political white knights that are not coming.  This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for our species. The Purpose Revolution empowers every human to seize the day, to lead with their life’s purpose, and to create the more beautiful world we all know is possible.”

About Planet Purpose

Planet Purpose is a group of purpose awakened/ing citizens that empowers every human to find and live their purpose. Once empowered with purpose; every human is free to contribute purposefully, joyously, creatively in a career that expresses and advances their unique life purpose, creating a just, sustainable and peaceful political economy.  Planet Purpose accelerates this awakening by delivering purpose discovery education to every human.

To join or support The Purpose Revolution, please visit   #lifeofpurpose

For media requests and interviews contact: Brandon Peele – | See media contact below for details.

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