Cleffy: Your virtual music teacher

The web platform that teaches you how to play any music instrument is launching on Kickstarter

Learning to play your favorite instrument has never been easier, Cleffy’s word!

Cleffy was born recently but its success was not long in arriving, and now is launching on Kickstarter. It is the first virtual music teacher that is able to carry out a real lesson and at the same time interacting with the learner. For example Cleffy is able to listen to him, answer his questions and correct his mistakes.

You don’t need any extra computer equipment to use Cleffy, in fact you just have to use the microphone of your pc or tablet.So you can follow your music lessons everywhere and every time you want to.

Cleffy proposes a musical learning system that has already been run in some other ways, for example one of the most popular platforms is Duolingo (an online language learning software). Each lesson consists in musical exercises, tests and advices to overcome your difficulties. Moreover it includes games and challenges (also group activities) in order to learn easier and in a funnier way.

This interesting project was born from a group of young web developers and music fans. The team, which was formed during the Startup Weekend of Ascoli Piceno (in which the project won the Startup Weekend 2015 contest). The five creators of Cleffy are: Davide Filiaggi,(20 years, passionate about social media marketing) Matteo Annibali (37 years, designer and IT consultant) and Marco Marini (27), Michele Falconi (30) and Simone Lucidi (27) (web developers).

“Our dream – said the creators of Cleffy – is to make the music education reachable to everyone. No more excuses. Music is one of the most beautiful things in life, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of playing an instrument.”

The website is now online ( and it’s already possible to follow a free guitar lesson or try the learning game with some famous songs to play.

Cleffy is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to continue its development. The campaign provides an exclusive offer for Kickstarter: a chance to get a membership on Cleffy for life

Follow the campaign and all the news about Cleffy on

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