Black Friday Laptop Deals: Black Friday 2015 Ads for Laptops Released

The demand of technical products soar during Black Friday. Laptops are one of the most searched Black Friday deals. However, with hundreds of Black Friday laptop deals and ads spread across various sites, it becomes difficult to choose out the right ones. Hence has brought out its own selected list of best Black Friday laptop deals online for 2015.

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Some of the major features to be looked after while buying a laptop are screen size, memory, resolution and speed of processor. There are other less significant things like battery power, color, number of ports etc. When it comes to screen size, the 14 to 15 inch range screens are most sought out due to a balance between compactness and ease of usage. Though smartphones and tablets are gaining ground, yet when it comes to do a longer task then laptops find no match. The most sleek design laptops usually are the ones with 11 to 12 inch screen. For game players, big screen laptops are the obvious choice.

Big laptop screen does not mean that resolution will also be sharp. When users look for picture quality, then resolution is the main parameter. The more the number of pixels, the sharper is the image. The average laptops have 1366 x 768-pixel resolution. To get a better picture quality, one must go for 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080 resolution. Usually higher resolution laptops are costly than average resolution laptops by $150. The advancement in computer resolution have reached greater limits than most of the movies and game quality itself.

The 4 GB memory laptops are becoming a common choice among users. However, for people who multi task often or are game savvy, 6 to 8 GB laptop systems are more suited. Even though many laptops have additional choice to increase the memory size later, but it is better suited to get a bigger memory sized laptop at the initial phase itself.

The processor speed of laptop is key to run complex programs and games without hanging out. It also determines the number of programs that can be run simultaneously. Intel is the most known processor. For graphic designers and gamers, Core i7 is the preferred choice while Core i5 processor is the intermediate choice.

There are some laptop configurations which act as a balance between efficiency and cost. There are many laptop Black Friday ads and deals on various sites, however going through each of them is tedious. The Black Friday sales data clearly show the growing share of laptops sold during this period.

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