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Global Cloud Market In Healthcare technologies, EHR Market, Digital pathology market, Clinical, SaaS, Bioinformatics, Hybrid Market 2014 – 2021

Healthcare sector is one of the most dynamic sectors. Healthcare companies are looking to integrate and adopt IT to achieve greater business agility by increasing adaptability and achieving cost efficiency to enable focus on consumer needs and patient care. As consumers become tech savvy they demand a higher level of interaction – such as instant online access to information, products and services through their desktops and mobile devices.

However, the traditional IT systems are struggling to meet these challenges and increase system effectiveness. Cloud companies can exploit these opportunities in the healthcare sector. For instance, a recent development is cloud-based medical imaging and information management solutions that enable healthcare professionals to view and interpret patient images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans simultaneously. This significantly reduces the long-term technology cost and increases the speed of patient care management.

1. Microsoft
2. Qualcomm Life
3. Rackspace
4. Salesforce Inc.
5. Verizon
6. AT &T
7. Amazon Web Services
8. Oracle
9. IBM
10. SAP AG
11. Akamai

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This Acute Market Reports covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles top competitive companies

Table Of Contents

Chap 1. Market Estimation Methodology

Chap 2. Executive Summary

Chap 3. Market Overview
3.1. Market Definitions
3.2. Key Findings
3.2.1. Healthcare is shifting from general to personal
3.2.2. Investments to soar in healthcare IT
3.2.3. SaaS-based cloud services are soaring
3.2.4. Hybrid cloud is the future in healthcare
3.2.5. Growing Wearable devices market drive the adoption of cloud in healthcare
3.2.6. Healthcare IT as a Service (HITaaS) will be in more demand
3.3. Key Buying Criteria
3.3.1. Compliance with government regulations
3.3.2. Cost contribution to finance
3.3.3. Privacy and security concerns
3.3.4. Requirement of data storage capacity
3.3.5. Stability of service provider
3.4. End-user analysis
3.5. Regulatory Compliance
3.5.1. US HIPPA Act -1996 HITECH Act Patient Protection act
3.5.2. Europe
3.6. Innovations in cloud healthcare: 41
3.6.1. Reality mining and social networking for healthy behavior:
3.6.2. Home care for elderly people
3.6.3. Emotion sensors
3.6.4. Philips’ health suite digital platform:
3.6.5. Athenahealth’s innovative EHR programs:

Chap 4. Sector Analysis
4.1. Cloud Computing

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Chap 5. Competitive Landscape
5.1. Market share analysis
5.2. Key Market Strategies
5.2.1. Partnerships enable the cloud healthcare market to expand:
5.2.2. Innovation fueling growth in cloud healthcare
5.2.3. Product launch enables the company to grow
5.2.4. Geographic expansion in cloud healthcare
5.2.5. Collaboration leads to better services and benefits

Chap 6. Market Determinants
6.1. Market Drivers
6.1.1. Cloud computing a paradigm shift in healthcare IT
6.1.2. Business agility in healthcare segment
6.1.3. Shift of healthcare from clinic to home
6.1.4. Need for healthcare organizations to store big data
6.1.5. Government incentives to raise adoption of new technologies
6.1.6. Healthcare IT investments are soaring
6.2. Market Restraints
6.2.1. Security Risks
6.2.2. Legal Barriers
6.2.3. Ethical Issues
6.3. Market Opportunities
6.3.1. Cloud companies seeing huge potential in healthcare cloud
6.3.2. Virtual Integration
6.3.3. Personalized healthcare gadgets
6.3.4. Insurers to leverage healthcare cloud for tracking client details
6.4. Market Challenges
6.4.1. Data lock-in
6.4.2. Data transfer bottlenecks

Chap 7. Market Segmentation by Healthcare Applications of Cloud
7.1. Clinical information system
7.2. EHR Market
7.2.1. EHR Vendors
7.2.2. Drivers for adoption of cloud in EHR Government support for EHR adoption Better quality and patient care Effective management of patient data
7.2.3. Electronic Medical Recorder (EMR)
7.3. Laboratory Information System (LIS)
7.3.1. Benefits of cloud in Laboratory Information System(LIS) Cost effectiveness Effective data sharing Improved patient outcomes
7.3.2. Regional Analysis
7.3.3. Regulatory control
7.3.4. Standardization
7.4. Pharmacy information System (PIS)
7.5. Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
7.6. Cloud-based bioinformatics market

Chap 8. Cloud-based healthcare application market by deployment model
8.1. Public Cloud
8.1.1. Drivers of Public Cloud Improved efficiency at lower cost Increasing awareness for personal healthcare
8.1.2. Restraints of Public Cloud Slower adoption due to security and privacy concerns Slow speed may interrupt clinical workflow
8.2. Private Cloud
8.2.1. Drivers of private cloud in healthcare Low capital cost Internal control provides better security
8.3. Hybrid Cloud

Chap 9. Cloud Healthcare Market Segmentation by Service Models
9.1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
9.1.1. Drivers of SaaS in healthcare Lower cost of SaaS ownership SaaS scalability allows efficient use of resources
9.1.2. Challenges in SaaS adoption Data security and regulatory issues Limited access control
9.1.3. Regional Analysis
9.2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
9.2.1. Drivers of PaaS in healthcare Better security to comply with tough industry regulation Provides benefits of SaaS along with lesser implementation time
9.3. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
9.3.1. Drivers of IaaS in healthcare Cost-effective solution to comply with hospital’s IT budgets

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Chap 10. Geography Analysis
10.1. North America
10.1.1. The U.S. Government Regulations
10.1.2. Canada
10.2. Europe
10.2.1. European Cloud Standards
10.2.2. The UK Drivers
10.2.3. Germany Driver: Increasing adoption rate Restraints: Complex government regulations Government regulations
10.2.4. France
10.2.5. Italy
10.3. Asia Pacific (APAC)
10.3.1. China Drivers Restraints
10.3.2. Japan Drivers
10.3.3. India Drivers Restraints
10.3.4. Thailand
10.3.5. Others Australia
10.3.6. RoW

Chap 11. Corporate Profiling
11.1.1. Overview
11.1.2. Product Portfolio of 127
11.1.3. Revenue Analysis
11.1.4. Strategic Moves
11.1.5. SCOT Analysis
11.1.6. Strategic Analysis
11.2. Amazon Web Services
11.2.1. Overview
11.2.2. Product Portfolio
11.2.3. Revenue Analysis
11.2.4. Strategic Moves
11.2.5. SCOT Analysis
11.2.6. Strategic Analysis
11.3. Microsoft
11.3.1. Overview
11.3.2. Product Portfolio
11.3.3. Strategic Moves
11.3.4. SCOT Analysis
11.3.5. Strategic Analysis
11.4. Oracle
11.4.1. Overview
11.4.2. Product Portfolio
11.4.3. Revenue Analysis
11.4.4. Strategic Moves
11.4.5. SCOT Analysis
11.4.6. Strategic Analysis
11.5. Rackspace
11.5.1. Overview
11.5.2. Product Portfolio
11.5.3. Revenue Analysis
11.5.4. Strategic Moves
11.5.5. SCOT Analysis
11.6. Qualcomm Life
11.6.1. Overview
11.6.2. Product Portfolio
11.6.3. Revenue Analysis
11.6.4. Strategic Moves
11.6.5. SCOT Analysis
11.6.6. Strategic Analysis
11.7. SAP AG
11.7.1. Overview
11.7.2. Product Portfolio
11.7.3. Revenue Analysis
11.7.4. Strategic Moves
11.7.5. SCOT Analysis
11.7.6. Strategic Analysis
11.8. IBM
11.8.1. Overview
11.8.2. Revenue Analysis
11.8.3. Strategic Moves
11.8.4. SCOT Analysis
11.9. AT & T
11.9.1. Overview
11.9.2. Product Portfolio
11.9.3. Strategic Moves
11.9.4. SCOT Analysis
11.9.5. Strategic Analysis
11.10. Akamai
11.10.1. Overview
11.10.2. Product Portfolio
11.10.3. Revenue Analysis
11.10.4. Strategic Moves
11.10.5. SCOT Analysis
11.11. Verizon
11.11.1. Overview
11.11.2. Product Portfolio
11.11.3. Strategic Moves
11.11.4. SCOT Analysis
11.11.5. Strategic Analysis

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