Harry And Co Homeware Become A Leading Retailer In Vintage And Handmade Limited Edition Homeware Products

The popular retailer provides homeware products that would enrich any type of space including an office or a home. They sell a wide range of items that would be hard-pressed to be found in other retail outlets. Those items include vintage and handmade products and one of a kind or very limited edition items from paintings, rare prints, cushions from vintage materials. Harry & Co Homeware, who offers free shipping, has become a vital supplier to interior designers.

Harry & Co Homeware is pleased to announce they provide free shipping on all of their products. The homeware retailer that sells quality interior products has become one of the most recommended suppliers of vintage and unique products for the home and office.

With more people now choosing to stay where they are instead of moving to a new property, amateur interior design has become more popular than ever. With the large number of property shows and the increase in interior magazines, remodelling a home has become more than a requirement it has now become an essential part of life for people who want to improve their living space.

Harry & Co Homeware understand the importance of making homes looking different, and that is why they carefully select the products they sell. Unlike other homeware retailers who sell mass-produced items, Harry & Co sell quality vintage pieces, which includes original art, handmade home accessories and one off pieces. These products provide customers with a way to make their home unique and not have the embarrassment of walking into another home and seeing the same furnishings as they have.

A spokesman for Harry & Co Homeware said: “If you are looking for something that is stylish, eco-friendly, original, eclectic and not commonplace, then our online store is the place to visit. We wanted to make our site interesting with a range of one of a kind and eclectic items that make you want to visit Harry & Co Homeware over and over again for that distinctive piece.”

The Homeware experts have become the site to visit to make each room in a property individual. With quality products at great prices and with free shipping, they have become the online supplier for many interior designers.

To learn more about the unique products available, please visit http://www.harryandcohomeware.com

About Harry & Co Homeware

Harry & Co Homeware offer an alternative to slick, impersonal mass manufactured designs at affordable prices. They offer a different slant on conventional manufacturing by recycling and up-cycling. They like to call it manufacturing with a conscience.

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