Executive Order Signs Distribution and Manufacturing Deal with G.S.G. Apparel

Further Partnership with Green Team Customs Expands Executive Order’s Industry Footprint

Executive Order, the popular, innovative clothing brand, announced today that it has signed a distribution and manufacturing agreement with G.S.G. Apparel of Canada. Executive Order made the move after pulling its manufacturing operations out of Pakistan earlier this year. Working with G.S.G. gives Executive Order a North American manufacturing capability as well as distribution in numerous retail outlets. 

“We are very pleased to be working with G.S.G. Apparel,” said Michael J. Young, Jr., CEO and Founder of Executive Order. “They have shown us hard work and dedication within the industry and within their craft. We hope to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.”

After experiencing constant set backs in production due to the instability of the country, Executive Order pulled all business dealings out of Pakistan knowing that their brand couldn’t survive just sitting around hoping that conditions would get better. High-profile companies such as the US-based Walt Disney Company and Canadian menswear label, Kanati Clothing Company pulled all production out the country as well citing hostile trading conditions and well as energy and transportation issues, which both affects production and distribution.

Executive Order also announced that it is forming a partnership with Green Team Customs, a local custom apparel and screen print enterprise located in South Carolina, and their own brand, Flight Mode. The relationship will feature future apparel manufacturing and screen print endeavors. 

“We feel a relationship with Green Team Customs would be beneficial for everyone involved,” Young added.  “They already have a nice production line moving, as well as their own brand that I can see in retail stores in the near future.  I’ve also known the owner for years and with that I can say that I feel comfortable with his vision, as he feels comfortable with ours. We are definitely cooking some things up.”

This year, Executive Order Clothing has received commitments from numerous Prominent community leaders and celebrities and while celebrity backing is any company’s dream, Executive Order values anyone with a vision of uplifting their community over any high-profile endorsement.

“We’d rather a local neighborhood activist backing us than our favorite celebrities,” says an EOC representative. “It’s all about ethics, morals and bringing positive change within communities worldwide. We want to be associated with positivity. Positivity and hard work.”

With that said, the company plans to work with two Independent recording artist and one community leader, in 2016, that have shown themselves to possess an “Executive Mind”:

Shanduke McPhatter of New York, is a former Street Organization Leader turned activist. Mr. McPhatter is the Founder of the non-profit, G.M.A.C.C. (Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes) which focuses on everything from bringing social, economical and positive political changes to troubled communities all the way to “Front-line” violence interruption. He has also been asked to speak on various community changing by way of many media outlets and documentaries, including B.E.T’s What’s at Stake?

Kay-Shine who is a lyricist from Harlem, NY and was featured on the B.E.T Award’s 2015 Cypher. He has a long list of accolades to his name and has been described as ‘infamous’ within the Battle Rap culture. He is a dedicated contributor to his community, his craft and the current wave of Hip-Hop culture.

Ben-G, a South Carolina native, entrepreneur and recording artist who has toured for the the past three years with everyone from Gorilla Zoe, Steve Aoki, Pharrell to Waka Flocka Flame. Landing a spot on Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Monopoly label, “Ben-G has done more for his communities and people at this level of his career than probably three of your favorite celebrities put together,” Michael remarks. In October 2015, the state of South Carolina experienced enough flooding for President Barrack Obama to declare a ‘Disaster’. Many lost homes and property and a few lost their lives. Soon after, Ben-G teamed up with Recording Artist Waka Flocka Flame and they both organized a benefit concert in which they gave 100% of the proceeds to numerous charities to help individuals facing hardships due to the flooding and water damage.

“We plan to have a busy year, but working with these individuals is a must,” Michael remarks. “We’ve been solidified a relationship with Mr. McPhatter and G.M.A.C.C. and we’ve believed in their cause from day one. Ben is one of the most humble, selfless, and  hardest working individuals that I know. When you know someone personally, you know what they’re really about. We plan to sit him down long enough for us to work together this year and make something positive out of it, just as we hope to do with Kay-Shine”.

Currently, Executive Order Clothing is completing their Spring/Summer 2016 and Fall/Winter 2016 Collections.

About Executive Order Clothing

Executive Order was established in 2014 with the brand vision of encompassing the feeling, and importance, of Wealth, Power and Respect within the fine fibers of fashion.  The company’s motto is:

“Executive Mind

  Executive Body,

  Executive Wear.

  It Is So ORDERED…”

Executive Order’s line offers an extensive selection of shirts for men and women. Each design embodies the brand. For example, the women’s “C.E.O. Diva” design features the “Executive Mind, Executive Body, Executive Wear” motto imprinted in large red and black letters along with the company’s signature phrase, “It Is So Ordered.” They are releasing their denim collection in the Fall/Winter of 2016.

About G.S.G. Apparel

G.S.G. Apparel, Inc. is a leading distributor of high-end sportswear labels, including Pin-High Golf Apparel. It sells products globally, manufacturing in five countries.  Its Canadian operation is in Waterloo, Ontario. The company works with a large network of professional athletes such as John Daly, David Hearns, Daniel Chopra and others.

For more information, visit : www.ExecutiveOrderClothing.com

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