Best EasyAcc Black Friday Deals 2015

Join in Amazon lightning deals and find following three items with discount to embrace the coming Black Friday shopping feast

Here comes the winter, and we are going to have some ideas about what should be in our gifts list. As we have done for so many years, it’s a little confused about what can be sent as a so-called good gift; EasyAcc is curating a list of best EasyAcc Black Friday deals we can find. Hope to see it will offer your guys a clear guidance in this busy time. Rather than showing you some ordinary items on a semi-regular basis, I am just going to put together several unique gadgets with discounts to you. 

To be frank, a fresh new technology gadget always brings you excitement and enjoyment. Surprise comes to you with unawareness. EasyAcc will take part in the Amazon lightning deals which is around the corner.

1. EasyAcc 35W 7A 5-Port USB Wall Charger

According to its reviews from Amazon product page, this 35W 5-port wall charger absolutely tops best-seller this year. First I want to say, it has a really convenient size of just 3.50 x 2.87 x 1.30 inches, which means you can take it with your travel or solve a power embarrassment in the subway station. Especially, designed with two ports of 5V 2.1A and 5V 1.4A respectively, what need to say, they are so useful with Intelligent Identification for charging devices. Cool.

2. EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh Power Bank

Often in a situation that comes to some bias about Power Bank, it’s so easy to be attached with some labels of ordinary, common and not standing out. However, EasyAcc has launched their super capacity 20000mAh monster Power Bank to smash those rumors. Dual input ports design features it to make the PB20000MS can be recharged up in 6 hours, which cuts recharging time up to 50%. Providing power to following devices as a monster makes it wins the notable name to attract all users. It can charge an iPhone 6 up to 7.5 times, a Samsung S6 up to 5 times or an iPad Mini 3 about two times. Just have a try to get a high capacity Power Bank with high discount.

3. EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Olive Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in microphone

Do not forget to relax yourself after a busy day that music should be the best choice. To welcome the coming lightning deals, EasyAcc provides their 2nd Gen. Olive Bluetooth Speaker to all of you. As a rule, the 2nd Gen. always means it has a good similar product which sells well in the past, so the manufacturers will decide to have an update on it. So that’s the reason why I put the Oliver Bluetooth Speaker in my list. 

Three items above will appear at Amazon lightening deals with 20% off. Please search EasyAcc if you are interested in them, or check more products with discounts on EasyAcc who is ready to celebrate the Christmas and collect their 2015 Christmas gift ideas from you.

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