Drug Rehab Alliance Publishes New Editorial On The Use of Synthetic Urine To Clear Drugs Tests

Drug Rehab Alliance has published information for those who have recently rehabilitated on the use of synthetic urine to stop their past getting in the way of their future.

Getting clean from drugs is one of the hardest things addicts will ever have to go through, but long after they have committed to clean living, their body will tell a different story. Traces of the active ingredients from drugs like THC can linger in the body for months after someone has gotten clean, and a drug test can be returned positive, ruining potential career opportunities and adding further stress to people’s lives during recovery. That’s why Drug Rehab Alliance is now discussing the use of synthetic urine to pass the drugs tests as a stop-gap. 

The new article on Drug Rehab Alliance’s website discusses the use of Quick Fix Plus 6.1, a synthetic urine that is chemically identical to real urine thanks to the inclusion of uric acid. The product can be used successfully when individuals follow the instructions carefully, and the site also provides a guide to proper use. 

As well as investigating synthetic urine, the site also suggests some natural and supplemented detoxification routines, so that individuals can look to cleanse their body and pass the test naturally, albeit in the longer term, with natural detoxification taking as much as six weeks. 

A spokesperson for Drug Rehab Alliance explained, “If individuals have a drug test in a week’s time, the safest option is the new 6.1 version of Quick Fix Plus, which contains uric acid – the ingredient tested for to prevent traditional synthetic urine use. This will help people get a clean result after their recovery, but before their body is fully purged. This is important because getting a great job will introduce drug users to a new environment and greater economic stability that will prevent them relapsing, where the stress of losing such an opportunity will increase that chance. As such, we recommend Quick Fix Plus 6.1.”

About Drug Rehab Alliance:

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