DXInteractive Media launches Tandenblekengids.nl, a local guide to find respectable teeth whitening clinics in your region

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 20 Nov, 2015 – Everybody wants a beautiful white smile. The bleaching of discoloured teeth is a normal procedure these days. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in a professional or reliable way. Now, however, there’s a website online which maps all the reliable dentists per province and city.

This offer can be found on www.tandenblekengids.nl

On Tandenblekengids.nl you can find a list of reliable dentists and clinics per province and per town that are proven to get good results and work according to the latest state of the art. Tandenblekengids has mapped these dentists and clinicls and also keeps track of their individual performances. You will also find reviews and comments of satisfied customers. About a hundred people a day submit to a treatment of teeth whitening. It remains a fact that it doesn’t always happen in the most reliable and best way and the consequences are very high. Since we only have one set of teeth we have to be careful with, it’s recommended to only use the services of dentists and clinics with good results.

Dentists and clinics may use materials that are made specifically for them and are not freely available. Bleaching teeth is a speciality after all. Nevertheless, the television program Kassa has shown a while ago that teeth whitening were done at some clinics which use materials of questionable quality and unknown origin. The results can be disastrous. Certainly the use of high concentrations of peroxide can lead to damaged enamel, damaged gum and even burns in the mouth. Corroded glaze can be the cause of very sensitive teeth and people who have undergone a bleaching treatment with a non-regular provider often end up at the dentist for repairs, with all the associated costs. Then that white smile suddenly turns into a very painful smile, literally and figuratively.

More and more people use self pale sets, which are freely available via various online providers and online markets. These sets, no matter the promises that are made on the packages, are not nearly as effective as a professional treatment at an experienced dentist or clinic. The materials that these sets contain are after all different materials and ingredients than the materials and ingredients that you can purchase at the dentist and clinics. Bleaching your teeth yourself unfortunately always results in failure and disappointment.

Who seriously wants to bleach his or her teeth and who is also very careful of his teeth better choose for the most professional treatment. This including an associated intake and investigation by someone who is qualified to do so with excellence. By an experienced dentist that is. With the services of Tandenbleekgids that beautiful white smile is within reach for everyone. Go for a beautiful white smile but not a painful one.

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