Gregory Diehl, International Branding Expert, Hones Stories That Break Through

Gregory Diehl, International Brand Identify Expert and Founder of Market Fit, has a new book “Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Uncover Your Brand Message So Premier Clients Choose YOU set to launch before Christmas.”

November 20, 2015 – Diehl’s work, scheduled to release in a few short days, provides an insightful, counterintuitive look at how business owners and investors communicate value in a world where up to 25,000 sales messages bombard the consumers each day.

“In a world where time, money, man hours and opportunities are lost due to poor communication, entrepreneurs and business owners need a way to instantly distinguish themselves and their products and their services from the competition,” says Diehl.

“Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Uncover Your Brand Message So Premier Clients Choose YOU – The Definitive Guide to Honing Your Brand Identity unveils for international readers a clear, concise, entertaining and powerful step by step process for building empathy with their audience, engaging their attention and, ultimately, getting people to take your desired action.

“Most people don’t have to think about how to communicate value for most of their lives. Until they enter a entrepreneurial perspective, until they begin on their first entrepreneurial adventure they don’t usually ever have to think about things from the market’s perspective or from a specific group of people’s perspective.”

“If your goal is to learn what other people want, you have to engage them in some kind of communication where they are telling you, as obviously as possible, what makes them happy and what doesn’t, and why it’s important to them,” asserts Diehl.

From Monte Carlo, Monaco, to China, from Barcelona to Costa Rica to Ghana to Malaysia – and yes, even from some of the most exclusive business communities of his native California, Diehl’s branding technique has delivered results for both sophisticated international companies as well as small burgeoning bootstrapped startups.

Brand Identity Breakthrough is unlike many of the other books on the market regarding the subject of branding and positioning. For readers who want to cut through the noise out there without sounding aggressively promotional or non-empathetic, the case studies and real life experiences of this book stand out.

To learn more about Gregory V. Diehl and MarketFit visit Or pre-order the book on Amazon before the holidays at the end of the month.

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