Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Mercedes Benz Serviced by an Authorized Mercedes Benz Dealer

Mercedes Benz owners simply cannot afford to leave their automotive sweethearts in the hands of a non-Mercedes Benz-trained and qualified repair specialist.
Mercedes Benz is easily one of the world’s most recognized and revered car brands.

With its Formula 1 team winning yet another season at both the Constructors’ and the Drivers’ Championships, the ‘Das Beste oder nichts’ (the best or nothing) – bearing automobile manufacturer is clearly well ahead of the pack.

Formula 1 Technology on the Road

While the drivers and race folks continue their celebration at the paddock, genuine Mercedes Benz car owners will soon be enjoying the same race technology in their own MB cars. Consider the F1 as a test bed for many automotive innovations where vehicle aerodynamics specialists and fuel efficiency engineers work round-the-clock to give the brand its unparalleled performance not even the prancing horse can catch.

When these technologies do trickle down to average Mercedes Benz owners who are, like their race counterparts, in a class of their own, caring for the refined beast under the hood will require an even more systematic, highly organized approach to maintenance. With a significant investment value to keep and a global reputation to uphold, Mercedes Benz owners simply cannot afford to leave their automotive sweethearts in the hands of a non-Mercedes Benz-trained and qualified repair specialist.

And this is just one of several reasons why it is best to have your Mercedes Benz beauty be serviced by an Authorized Mercedes Benz Dealer. For example, if you live in Houston, you will be glad to know that Mercedes Benz has three authorized car dealerships to take care of your race technology-driven automobile.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it simply makes better sense to have your Mercedes Benz vehicle serviced by an Authorized Mercedes Benz Dealer.

Mercedes Benz Technical Expertise

With a reputation to uphold and a name to protect, Mercedes Benz has very strict requirements when it comes to automotive technicians performing the variety of maintenance procedures as well repair activities on the different Mercedes Benz models. These professionals have been trained and duly-certified by Mercedes Benz itself. Mercedes Benz has a continuing education program that equips all of its authorized car dealers – from the managers to the customer service staff to the technicians – all the necessary competence to provide the best service to their customers.

Bringing your car to an authorized Mercedes Benz dealer is essential because Mercedes Benz only employs highly technical advisors and each technician will be performing the necessary maintenance or repairs in strict accordance with Mercedes Benz protocols.

Guarantee on the Work Done to your Vehicle

If your car is still under warranty, your authorized Mercedes Benz car dealer will conduct a comprehensive inspection, verify the problem, and perform repairs absolutely free of charge. If your car is already out of warranty, you can still have your car serviced at any authorized Mercedes Benz dealer nationwide.

And even if you have to pay for these outside-warranty repairs, authorized Mercedes Benz dealers can back up their own warranty which can be honored by other authorized dealers anywhere in the country. So, even if the repair by an authorized dealer performed in New York didn’t hold, you can still have it fixed at the authorized MB dealers in Houston, free of charge. 

Furthermore, Mercedes Benz-backed extended warranties are offered by authorized dealers for both new and used vehicle purchases. This simply means you can bring your Mercedes Benz to any authorized MB dealer to have the fix that you require.

Quality Parts

A wonderful piece of engineering technology requires only parts that have been tested and duly-recommended by Mercedes Benz’s materials engineers. While there are many smaller shops that can offer the same parts as in OEM but at a remarkably lower price, you can never be sure about the quality. You may have saved yourself a few hundred bucks but for how long and up to what extent will it have an effect on your car? For Mercedes Benz, ‘Das Beste oder nichts’ simply holds true.

Unequalled Customer Service

With a reputation to uphold, customer service representatives of authorized Mercedes Benz car dealers are the frontline of the Stuttgart-based company. As in any business, the front liners need to project and uphold the image of the whole business. And when you talk about Mercedes Benz, you are talking about the best.

Full Technical Support

From time to time, Mercedes Benz might issue a service bulletin perhaps to retrofit certain vehicle models or even fix a recently discovered issue in the vehicle’s overall performance. These technical services information are disseminated through their authorized dealers.

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