24 UC Berkeley undergrads are taking on the world renowned Sundance Film Fest to film a web series profiling Cal alumni and filmmakers!

BERKLEY, CA – 20 Nov, 2015 – Berkeley Film Friends (BFF) is Cal’s largest film networking student led club. Founded in 2010 by Dr. George Larkin while he was a graduate student, BFF is designed to aid the careers of Cal students seeking to work in the entertainment industry. Our club includes more than 1600 members.

UC Berkeley undergrads are going beyond the classroom, implementing project based learning, and producing a new ​web series​ making some serious buzz in the educational and opportunity space. Berkeley Film Friends plans to take on the world renowned Sundance Film Festival to film a web series profiling Cal alumni and filmmakers in an effort to profile their school, alumni, and to cultivate a culture of mentorship between students and alumni!

For Sundance 2016, they have launched a completely original web series documenting the entire process of their journey to the festival for the benefit and education of other student filmmakers. The BFF team has expanded from 3 to 24 student members who do everything from producing to fundraising, camera operating, researching, reporting and editing. This project serves and embodies BFF’s vision of networking and inclusion, as well as their theme: the knowledge to succeed in this business should be free and accessible to all. 

BFF launched their Kickstarter campaign November 3rd. They chose to set a modest goal of $5000 just in case they didn’t reach it, even though their costs exceed that. The airbnb home in Park City was purchased for $6296 by our Executive Producer with his own credit card in faith that they’ll receive the financial support they need. If they don’t reach their goal, he’ll risk being stuck with a pretty hefty bill, and the entire team will not have the funds to attend Sundance. They’re optimistic they will meet their goal with the right support. They’re already half way there!

So let’s help these motivated students make it to Sundance and provide them the opportunities they deserve! Visit their Kickstarter campaign today at: bit.ly/bff-sun

It’s got some excellent rewards such as “Producer” Credits in episodes at Sundance, and an option to have a professional video ad made for your business!

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