The New Way To Market Auto Service and Auto Sales

Generating customers in the auto sales and auto service can be difficult because there is so much competition in the market.

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Each dealership and service center tries to make up their own unique form of marketing; however, now there is a new form of marketing that is proving to be effective. Auto VMS has just released a new Auto Sales and Service Lead generation technology that will drive customers to your dealership or place of service on demand.

How Does It Work?

The Auto VMS system places thousands of personal voicemails on a targeted market of customer’s digital phone lines and cell phone voicemail boxes without their phone ever ringing. FCC classifies this as “Enhanced Information Services.” It has no limitations because the customer’s phone never actually rings. There is no real call being placed; the VMS sends the message directly to the voicemail message from our server directly to the customer’s voice mailbox server completely bypassing the phone altogether. In this method, the receiver will never be charged for the call because there was no call placed. 

This system has the potential to create sales on demand. Any determined amount of messages may be sent to however many targeted customers for a low cost. When done correctly, a dealership could have interested buyers for cars and trucks essentially whenever. A service department could stay busy with work all the time with the right message being delivered to potential customer’s voicemail boxes. With this tool, enough auto sales leads and service leads could be generated so that the company will not only reach their monthly goals, but also hit numbers above and beyond resulting in bonuses.

This is the first tool of its kind, and it is powerful enough to create business virtually on demand! It is cost effective; therefore it fits in any company’s budget. It is a sure way to ensure that the leads are relevant because only those seeking to buy a car or truck, or have service done on their automobile, will call back. That eliminates the waste of resources and time that sending out paper mail advertisements can require.

Important Facts About The System

  • In contrast to email, voicemail has an open rate of ninety-four percent!
  • The response rate is between two and eleven percent. With that rate, ten-thousand voicemails could produce two-hundred relevant and interested prospective buyers!
  • If the FCC regulations change, Auto VMS will adjust to the regulations so that their system is always compliant

With the high amount of turnover for leads using this system, the user will always get their money’s worth. The process is simple: send out voicemails to targeted customers, they hear the voicemail, and are enticed by the message. The callbacks are only from those customers who are genuinely interested in purchasing an automobile or obtaining service; therefore, eliminating wasteful marketing strategies. The Auto VMS system works by generating valuable prospective customers who will want to do business!

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