Story of the Advent of Diabenit by Dr. Nie

The new book -Dr. Nie Wentao’s Essential Guide to Diabetes Health Management is to be published by Fuxi-Shennong-Xuanyuan Medical Humanities Press

In 1997, Dr. Nie Wentao changed the family anti-aging honeyed pill of Sanghuangzi, not use honey any more, and made it become an internal preparation in hospital. The aim is to delay life failure for patients suffering from diabetes complications. This active practice brings us a result of a bit of good fortune and also have completely changed the understanding of diabetes mellitus for Dr. Nie and even the whole world. The findings and thoughts have been written into medical monograph ‘Conquer Diabetes Mellitus’, published in the United State in 2011, which is the first diabetic monograph written by Chinese doctor collected in the Library of Congress.

In 2005, the product was officially named “ Sanghuangzi tablet”, and becomes a high-profile nutritional intervention product. The USA made Sanghuangzi tablet named Diabenit by Dr. Nie has been launched since 2011, and has obtained the CERTIFICATE of FREE SALE in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries, and has been sold in the regions of Americas, Australia and Asia.

Dr. Nie Wentao holds that blood sugar in patients with diabetes needs to be tamed and not to be constrained. The product of Diabenit by Dr. Nie as an oral metabolic activator is a tool designed for taming blood sugar in deed. The advent of Diabenit by Dr. Nie marks a milestone in chinese and global medicine history in the field of diabetes mellitus.

”My metabolic stimulation technology focuses on the process of metabolism in the body, not the products of metabolism. Diabetic rehabilitation should be based on behavioral intervention, not on nutrition, and fundamentally different from modern pharmacology. That is to say, my strategy is to tame blood sugar – not to constrain blood sugar. Therefore, in behavioral medicine, food species are of much greater significance than the total calories consumed.”, written in the monograph ‘Conquer Diabetes Mellitus’ by Dr. Nie Wentao. This book has influenced and has been influencing many contemporary diabetes experts.

The new book -Dr. Nie Wentao’s Essential Guide to Diabetes Health Management is to be published by Fuxi-Shennong-Xuanyuan Medical Humanities Press; and it deserves our attention.

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