A Candle Company With A Twist

Don’t tell your light bulb™, but there’s a new candle company on the scene and it’s offering more than just candles…it also lets candle makers sell their wares by opening a free candle store.

“I hate candles.  Said no one ever.”, jokes Allen McNulty, owner of Candles.Space, a wonderful space to buy and sell homemade candles. “I’ve been obsessed with candles since I can remember, so it only made sense that I’d start a candle company.”, he continues, “But I didn’t want just a candle store, but rather a space for all candle makers to be able to open a store.”

So enters Candles.Space, a space for candle lovers to shop and for candle makers to sell their wares. Unlike other sites like Etsy and Ebay, Candles.Space offers a space just for candles, accessories, and supplies, allowing the seller to not get lost among the millions of non-candle items.  Also unlike those other sites, there is no fee to open a store and takes only a few seconds to get started immediately.

According to the National Candles Association, candles are a 2 billion dollar a year industry, which doesn’t include the sales of candle accessories and supplies, and 7 out of every 10 homes has at least one candle with many who have more than two candles per home.

“For me, candles aren’t a luxury, but a necessity and candle sellers need a free place to sell”, McNulty says.  “And clearly I’m not alone in that thinking.  As our first store, April’s Scentsations, opened up within a month of launching the site.”

If you love candles or need a space to for your candle home business, then stop by http://www.Candles.Space and get a gift for a loved one or yourself.

Contact: Allen McNulty, Kernersville, NC, admin@candles.space

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Company Name: Candles.Space
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