Kraftly: A New C2C Online Marketplace Provides Home Based Sellers a Dedicated Selling Platform

Kraftly, a new C2C marketplace launched by KartRocket, allows home-based sellers to sell their unique products to a dedicated audience. This online shopping and selling portal is India’s first C2C mobile marketplace for unique hand crafted products. It allows people to buy one-off items that they would never see in stores in India, UK, USA, or anywhere around the world.

Kraftly is a dedicated marketplace that allows home-based sellers to sell to consumers who are looking for unique hand crafted products. India’s first C2C mobile marketplace, Kraftly has quickly become one of the most recommended platforms for craft sellers who looking to gain more customers for their products.

This global marketplace allows consumers to buy unique items, which include various categories like art, home & living, fashion accessories, costume jewelry, craft supplies, food, bath & beauty products, toys and other unique products. Home-based sellers, who had been struggling to make a living by selling their unique products, have now seen a change in fortune, thanks to the Kraftly platform.

Earlier, craft makers and home based sellers were giving up on their passion of selling their products due to many overheads such as shop rentals, marketing expenses, managing logistics etc. However, with the launch of Kraftly, they are able to sell products on a global marketplace, without paying any hefty rentals or marketplace fees. This has also led to more and more small business owners trying to sell through Kraftly rather than traditional mediums like exhibitions, flea-markets etc.

Consumers can buy products, either online through their computer or while they are out and about using their smartphones. It allows them to see all the latest products and make a purchase right away, no matter where they are.

Saahil Goel, CEO of Kraftly says, “We wanted to provide an open marketplace which allows any seller – online or offline – to create their “microshop” in seconds and start selling instantly. Also, buyers are able to discover unique products in a personalized manner and directly interact with sellers.”

He also added that Kraftly understands how important it is for sellers to make a living out of what they love doing, and they also understand how important it is for sellers to have a powerful platform. That is why Kraftly only charges 5% per order and heavily promote their marketplace to allow sellers to concentrate on their products, instead of marketing.

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About Kraftly

Kraftly provides consumers with a marketplace where they can find unique products. Instead of buying mass-produced products, which anybody could own, Kraftly provides products that are unique and affordable. In just 3 months of its launch, Kraftly has become one of the most recommended online selling platforms for home-based sellers.

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