Free Poster Maker from Mobissue Sets New Trend in Poster Design and Distribution

Mobissue, a leading software provider in Hong Kong, provides users with free poster maker to replace printed paper with digital poster.

With the advent of poster apps and re-emergence of posters as a social call to action, Mobissue wants to remind businesses, event makers, and individuals about their free poster maker. HTML5 digital posters created by Mobissue’s free poster maker can be embedded into websites and blogs, and shared to social media where they can be open on existing platforms in tablets, iPhones, computers, and every other mobile device.

“Digital posters can reach readers quickly over the Internet,” says spokesperson Winston Chang. “They convey a visual message, they last longer than posters that are hung, and they bring a fresh take on an old concept.”

Mobissue provides an easy-to-use, drop and drag tool that enables users to quickly upload their products and present them on the web. Their free poster maker and free flipbook maker gives the small business or freelancer the opportunity to use top quality event and presentation software for free, something the company believes people will remember as their businesses grow.

“When you give people a free version of a tool that enables them to grow their business,” says Mr. Chang, “they will stay with you and expand as their business grows. We are providing not only a free service but a way to engage customers with software that will help them in their business or nonprofits, and if their needs grow, we have that covered, too, with our cheap monthly packages.”

The tool enables users to create engaging presentations, promote events or new products, and deliver high quality visual content affordably.

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Company Name: Mobissue
Contact Person: Sandy D. Erwin
Phone: +86 020-8553020
Country: China