Haute Time joins the 10th Year Celebration of Hublot’s Celebrated Chronograph Timepiece – The Big Bang Lineup

Miami, FL – 23 Nov, 2015 – The Hublot Big Bang watch has been known to have stayed with the same concept as the first Hublot 25 years ago. It is one of its recognizable brand watches that offers something unique and different. Haute Time celebrates 10 years of the trademark Big Bang watch by internationally recognized watchmaker Hublot.

They released the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Watch during Baselworld 2015 in honor of this milestone. With this news, they have also recently paid tribute to the Mexican Grand Prix by introducing 10 Big Bang Ferrari Tourbillon Mexico timepieces, all original.

Seth Semilof, media relations representative for Haute Time said “We are proud to be part of this celebration and so we have interviewed Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot to obtain his perspective on the Big Bang watch, its history and future. Martin Green was on the report.”

Released in Baselworld of 2005, Hublot was a surprise from Jean-Claude Biver who decided to keep mum about the arrival of the watch by disguising the ordering of its raw material under his name, creating the rumors that he was creating a new brand. Guadalupe has long worked closely with Biver back in the 90s in Blancpain so he was confident, Biver would be able to deliver.

With the introduction of the brand, the Biver-Guadalupe tandem was able to double the workforce of Hublot in 2007 and initiated a new manufacture. Biver is also pivotal in the 80% turnaround of watch production because prior to his entry, Hublot has always outsourced much of its watches’ raw materials. This strategy gave birth to Big Bang redesigns that stayed true to tradition yet had been fused with a look into the future such as the King Gold Ceramic, All Black, Big Bang Broderie (modeled by ambassador Bar Rafaelli) and the Mag Bang.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO attributes the name Big Bang to the fusion of rubber and gold, two materials that were never found together in one piece, not until Hublot made it in 2005. Big Bang accounts for 55% of the entire company’s sale making it the largest draw and he believes it’s not just luxury and brand name that stuck but the innovation it provided. Guadalupe also relates that UNICO is an important part of the deal because customers feel more concerned about the origin of the watch movement chronograph and with Big Bang, Hublot has been able to produce its own movement. He also imparted that his favorite Big Bang was the UNICO All Black which he wore at the time of the interview.

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