Earth Approved Co Is Calling on Businesses And Individuals To Help Raise Money For Children Suffering From Cancer

Cancer in children is rising. Families of children not only have to watch as their children suffer, but they also have to worry about the financial problems that could include how to pay for medical bills. Non-profit organization, Earth Approved Co. believe families should be concentrating on their children and not have the added pressure of financial bills, and that is why they have launched a new campaign and want the world to come together to raise much-needed funds.

Non-profit organization, Earth Approved Co. ( who raise money with a mission to prevent and research cancer has launched a new campaign for the holidays. Earth Approved Co. wants the world to come together to help raise money to help children affected by cancer. The money raised will help families to pay medical bills and support them during their battle and hour of need.

The cancer rate amongst children is increasing, and more are dying, meaning many parents are now outliving their children, which is not only heartbreaking but is wrong. Earth Approved Co. wants to help win the battle against cancer and wants to support families who are struggling financially, but they cannot do this on their own. That is why they have partnered with to use peer to peer fund raising to help families whose children are receiving treatment for cancer.

The Non-profit organization is calling on individuals, groups and friends as well as businesses to support their campaign. Earth Approved Co. will set up a fundraising page that can be customized and will provide full support including the supply of charity boxes, marketing materials and much more.

Individuals and businesses will be rewarded for their help through being featured in a full page ad in Venue magazine. As well donations being tax deductible, businesses who come forward and support the campaign and bring some relief to families this holiday can benefit through positive publicity. With local and national media always looking for a good story and businesses needing free promotion to increase exposure for their brand, the support of the campaign can attract well-deserved media attention.

Sponsors of the campaign include The bearded villains, Nu world title, The Allstar Cheer Consultants, The Blogger Hub, and Swamp Side Villains. These sponsors are helping to change the lives of children and their families who have been affected by cancer.

Earth Approved Co has a Transparency policy where all their Fundraisers will come with a Audit upon Completion that will posted publicly on their website for all to see. The non-profit organization restores people’s faith by being open and showing where donations have been used.

To learn more about the campaign and how to reduce the stress a family who has been affected by cancer is going through this holiday, then please visit


Founded in 2015, Earth approved was created by Peter Minsal as a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent, and research cancer, autism, birth defects, harm to the reproductive system caused by products and food.

The Earth Approved APP is one of the ‘Earth Approved’ initiatives towards preventing cancer and other diseases.

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