The DynamixShield: An Arduino shield that combines smart servos and plug-in sensors

Madison, AL – NeuroRobotic Technologies, LLC announces “The DynamixShield: An Arduino shield that combines smart servos and plug-in sensors.”

NeuroRobotic Technologies, LLC. has launched the DynamixShield on Kickstarter. This shield for the Arduino Due micro-controller makes it easy to control Dynamixel AX, MX and XL smart servos and regular servos, while also offering numerous connectors for modular Grove and RobotGeek sensors, all on the same board! Grove and RobotGeek are frameworks for robotics that allow you to purchase commercial, off-the-shelf sensors and plug them in to your robot with a single cable.

By combining the ability to control smart servos with these modular sensors, the DynamixShield makes it very easy to quickly build the robot of your dreams. Even better though, the DynamixShield is fully open-source hardware and software! At the end of the campaign all design files will be made publicly available for others to use in their own projects.

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“With the DynamixShield, we aim to make it easy for anyone, from student or hobbyist, all the way to the professionals, to quickly make robots using smart servos and off-the-shelf components,” said David Cofer, founder of NeuroRobotic Technologies.

It’s the perfect time to get early access and pick up some great perks. Funding will help meet the costs for the initial production run of the board. The DynamixShield is available for pre-order on Kickstarter today. Early bird pricing is available for the first 10 backers.

About NeuroRobotic Technologies

NeuroRobotic Technologies, LLC. is a company dedicated to building intelligent robots to help make life a little easier for everyone. The founder, David Cofer, has spent years working on robots that mimic real animals, and trying to translate the amazing adaptability of animals into behaviors for intelligent robots. The company was founded in 2012 in Madison, Alabama.

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